Discussion on Manifestation


We are all creators. And I want to find the best manifestation method that works for us. In US, I mean we that actually LIVE here with the limitations, the beliefs and the… other stuff.
But let’s face it, sometimes we wish to throw the gurus and the experts out of the window. We’ve not figured what works for us that are on the physical plane still. So, I sat down with Sel and discussed this.
It was fun. Plus, the image above is pretty!

I hereby present to you…
The Discussion on Manifestation!

First, I shall throw out some terms that most experienced in reading about the Law of Attraction knows!
This is how Sel & I see it. You don’t have to agree. I don’t mind if you do, though! Also, this is a once in a time post. I had it scheduled for my other, yet – to – start up blog, though given its metaphysical nature, it fit best here.

The Basics:

Thought = Intention that becomes thought form that becomes physical

Belief = Auto – thought

Emotion = Signal emitters, pointing to current state of being, but not the intention.

Flow = Energetic term for creator and intention in harmony.



Visualization = focus (intention). Makes manifestations more visible (stronger light).

Action = focus (intention).”Moving” in most visible route to the manifestation from physical perspective. May evolve to forced action, resulting in clenching.

Affirmation = molding to better receive (creator). Forming present subjective reality to more easily hold intention.



Clenching = Holding on too tightly to thought form, delaying its manifestation in the creator’s physical environment.

Letting go = Not holding tightly, letting thought form live its own life. Not delaying, but may take time even with visualization and affirmations.

What occurs below basically explains everything I’ve written above. Enjoy!

Discussion on Manifestation:

Basic principle is Thought = Creation.

Thoughts form in the mental plane, condenses into the emotional plane (astral) once it becomes stronger and furthermore condenses into the physical plane where it is bound by physical laws and has to be drawn to the creator/intender through physical means.

Purpose of emotions?

SEL: The emotions are signals, emitter frequencies. They provide information on how the thought vibrates in alignment to you. They are a feedback system, but this does not mean that feeling good will automatically bring it to you. This is so because thoughts vibrate on a set range, which is often unavailable to humans. We have to go deeper than just feeling here. Meaning attributed to frequencies, perceptions, are also important. Emotions signals whatever your present state of being is, not whether your manifestation is coming to you. This is an important distinction to make. Your manifestation is already formed and out there. It is true that feeling good will make the manifestation flow easier, but it is equally true that this is not required for the manifestation to come. As human beings are in a constant change of flux, their emotional pattern also varies. This also means that simply feeling good cannot be relied on for efficiency. This works well in the spiritual world, where no obstructions are made, but in the present, physical world this is quite difficult. Also because of the nature of the physical plane. It is true that the physical vibration has ‘sped up’ somehow, but this is taking it with a grain of salt and does indicate super – fast manifestation. It is up to each human being on their own to manifest their own reality. They are to be affected, yes, this is true but the aforementioned words still stand true. Things will not change in an instant, as this too, is the nature of the physical plane and its laws in plane. EVERYTHING is bound by the law of the plane, including other spiritual beings.

Continuing on from this, we must identify what is vibrationally correct and what is wrong. This is not such an easy task, since everything appears to be subjective. It is not. There are set laws and defined rules. One of these rules is the process of creation which I just outlined. Now, these processes that have been spoken of before work well in the spiritual world.

In summary, we have identified that ‘feeling good’ doesn’t work well for many humans. Humans are mental creatures, so we have to find something to work within the physical plane with its contrasts. But HOW? How do we find this? The law (of attraction) still hold true, though. Hmm… What about visualization?

SEL: Visualization is a defined set of practicing the imagination, whereas the common belief is that if you visualize enough, your manifestation will magically appear like dust upon a shelf. This is an incorrect assumption, and one that many humans make. They are not the faulted for this, because many gurus say that is so.
It is not so. Allow me to clarify. When you visualize, you are indeed emitting frequencies. These may be emotions, but it is not the whole story. Visualization brings up a whole lot of contradictory thoughts that may or may not impede the manifestation. This may be necessary, as the mind has its own ways of clearing itself as a vehicle for expression. Visualization is a useful tool for strengthening the FOCUS of the manifestation, but not its speed of delivery. This is also a mistake many make, including the one here. It is natural however, that such a mistake should be made. I am reminded that it may erroneous to call it a ‘mistake’. Rather, I shall call it a false assumption. Affirmations are defining to yourself a set of defined rules that shall form your subjective reality. It does, indeed, not affect the speed of the current projects, but it DOES help in setting a great environment for its arrival. Now, onto you, my dear.

So in essence, the two most popular manifestation methods does nothing to speed up the manifestation (the horror!). One helps the focus and strengthen the thought form, and the other helps us form our current reality to better receive. So the question is how to speed up the manifestation. That’s not easy from a physical viewpoint. From a physical perspective, feeling good is an inefficient way. So what about action? Should we all focus on the old Action = Results?

In the physical plane, action is one of the paths for manifestation to occur. One of its vehicles, as the being above me said. It’s not required for the manifestation itself, but it is a possible route. However, this is up to each and every being.

So now we know action is not always required, but is a very likely route. We are again fleeting into the territory of ‘receiving’, but I think we’ve not yet touched upon ‘speed’. Speed. How can speed be defined? It’s how fast the manifestation is brought from the mental plane to the physical plane.

We know that feeling good works, but not in the physical plane. We know that visualization and affirmations help, but not the SPEED of the thought – form. So what does help?

That is the big question. What do we have in our minds, our skillset, to help the manifestation come faster, even with our beliefs, thoughts, and frequencies?

We are all magicians. We can all create. We set an intention, make a thoughtform, focus on it and then receive/allow it. I am reminded by Sel that focusing on it will only work for a short while, for usually, the intention condenses into the physical pretty quickly. But often we find that most people never receive their physical manifestation, and when it occurs… it’s often years later. That makes manifestations a hard task for many of us, because non – physical principles simply do not work as well. There’s a missing link here. Something that must help physical beings receive their manifestation faster. Something we can do to receive it faster, as one of the core principles in the physical plane is doing.

SEL: Why, you are very correct, my dear. Doing is, as you say, necessary. However, I should note that there are many types of action. In this sense, we are finding out what makes best sense for physical beings. The usual inspired action is often preached, but this is not so. This is something you do as a result of the manifestation, not because of it. So, how do we allow the manifestation to occur on the physical plane faster, you ask? Simple. Do not ask for it. It is a common pitfall to be stuck at the emotional and mental plane after an intention have been set. Indeed, this goes back to visualization, where it is truthfully recommended that you only visualize for your enjoyment. Now, visualization does not impede the manifestation, but the being (the recipient) may become ‘stuck’ in its head so to say. As humans are physical creatures, we must take it into account that they are also mental and emotional creatures. The physical plane matters, as do all of its inhabitants, but we must take care not to make too much emphasis on the physical nature of the manifestation. What I meant by ‘do not ask for it’ is to not be stuck in intention – setting mode, as so many of you human beings are. You ask and ask and ask so much its ringing in my ears!

We are talking about the speed here, Sel. I find it true that we are stuck a lot in asking – mode, but we are talking about SPEED without the letting go part, the limiting beliefs… something we can DO, without all the work!

SEL: Duly noted, my dear. I took off on a tangent there. Hahahaha. Now, I am not part of the vibratory physical plane and as such my advice may be limited. I am in essence explaining how manifestation works in regards to your physical beings. Again, from my perspective. I am not an anthropomorphic thought form. But I do wish to try being a lion once. Just once. With wings!

Thank you, Sel. Can you explain to me what makes you proficient in offering explanations on how manifestation works?

SEL: Oh, I have been doing this for a long time now. For more years than I can remember. It is not such a complicated thing, unless you make it so. Of course, I have never had the pleasure of incarnating in the physical plane. I work merely with the strings of reality and existence, which makes me very suitable to offer my opinion. Regardless, it is my viewpoint.

A synchronicity is an direct response to your vibration, but does not indicate the manifestation of your desire. It is merely a response to your current vibration. So yes, we need to find something that draws the manifestation to you in the physical plane.

The good feeling stuff works, but it’s a slow way to manifest. Excruciatingly slow from a physical perspective. What could I do to make the manifestation show up with speed, without clenching her intentions? Everything is focus. Affirmation is molding your realities. Thought becomes things. Emotions are signals. So then what? Does my inner being, my higher self, want something else?

SEL: It is fallacy that your inner being wants you to go through this and that first, for you ARE your inner being from a physical viewpoint. Perhaps a bit diluted.

Hmm.. I see. We are always in touch with our inner being, even if we are experiencing varying frequencies and emotions because of our physical nature. Good feelings just indicate a better flow currently, but not a better flow to your physical manifestations. Keyword is physical manifestations. Emotional and mental manifestation happens in the Vortex, as Abraham says, but we are missing the physical perspective.

SEL: What Abraham communicates is not wrong, but it is inefficient from a physical perspective. The collective consciousness is aware of this. So is Bashar of Darryl Anka, although they differ at some points.

[Some other energy came in at this point..]
OTHER ENERGY: You are one of the ones that will bring this to the world, and your effort is much appreciated. You started from a hard place, but as such you are also equipped with the ability and tools you need. Esther Hicks merely set down the basics. Bashar continued it, but they live in a different mode of existence and you are quite correct that not everything works for everyone. These techniques will be evolved upon, and it is a pity we can only communicate what we know and not what you know. We are aware that things work differently for you, and we do not wish to dispute that.

Thank you. So Sel, it seems nothing can defy you.

OTHER ENERGY: Not easily. Sel is an example of vortex energy that draws others in. She is in fact her own being, but able to infuse others with herself. She is something for herself, and not well – versed in the physical realm. We’ve come to speak with you on her behalf, but also because your intention is very strong and this is appreciated by all of us. Your effort will not go in vain. We do see that there is some personal gain from this, and this is valid.

Thank you again.

OTHER ENERGY: Might we make a suggestion? We suggest that you use your powerful spirits.

To synchronize our actions?

OTHER ENERGY: That is not so. You are confused by our words and we do not mind. We merely wish to suggest to use y our spirit as a vehicle for expression, as your spirit is within your physical body as well. This is no – thought, simply being.

Being present helps, yes… At any rate, I wish to continue speaking with Sel. Thank you for your contribution.

OTHER ENERGY: You are most welcome. We are grateful for this opportunity and wish to speak with you again soon. Goodbye.

What the hell are you doing, Sel? You don’t have to play overlord all the time.

SEL: I have both the skills and license to be an evil overlord. YOU CANNOT DEFY ME!

But you do wish to be a lion. Just once. With wings.

SEL: Yes. *sighs* Just once.

That, folks, is all.

Image credit: Wintersun.

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Space Elementals

Image credit: ifreex of DeviantArt

What exists outside of our perception? Outside of what we know?

The topic in this article is about elementals NOT existing on Earth. Thought they only resided on this chunky, round globe? Think again. There are elementals in space alright, but are they like those on Earth? Questions, questions! Well, there’s a lot of questions about space in general, but let’s keep it to what this blog is about: The metaphysical.

Let’s first get one thing straight: I am talking about elemental spirits that do not exist on planets. As such, I’ll omit talking about aliens, planetary devas and so on. There’s a great deal of information on both aliens and devas if you just search around a little. Google is your friend.

The Nature of Space Elementals

One thing one will find is that elementals residing in space are very disassociated from us. This may not come as such a great surprise, but you generally won’t find a lot of interest in humans among them. Like personifications, they might have a passing interest. Still, their job is not to deal with us. That’s why we have fairies, sylphs, salamanders and so on here on Earth.

There are both friendly and unfriendly types, and you’ll either like them or you won’t. They have different personalities just like us, but they are somewhat alien to us. Big shock, I know. Usually, space elementals are pretty old. Heck, they live in space time! Of course, I wouldn’t expect any great words of wisdom from them considering they perceive ‘time’ differently. Most elementals perceive time differently anyway.

Since space is such a vast… well, space, there’s bound to be a lot of them flying around. They have huge energy fields, some vaster than galaxies. Their evolution is different than that of Earth elementals as well. These beings evolve very, very slowly. That doesn’t mean they aren’t of high vibration or aren’t powerful, since there’s no such thing as a ‘weak’ elemental from a physical perspective. However, as far as I know, space elementals aren’t evolving to be angels. They do eventually evolve into a ‘higher’ state of being, in which they will assume the form of the fifth element: Spirit. In that, they’re quite similar to personifications in that they become part of the ‘fabric’ of reality, both physical and non – physical.

When a space elemental has reached this stage, it’ll become much easier to touch one. This is because the elemental is now connected to everything, and like the personification of Everything, it functions as a router – sending signals right and left. While the elemental was always aware of its history and its Source (where we all come from), its consciousness has now expanded to astonishing levels. This enables it to reach out to intelligent life on planets, and indeed participate in helping the planetary deva. The life of an elemental being varies, and while a space elemental has lived a long time, it will also eventually go into ‘hibernation’ when it has finished all its tasks. You could liken it to ending a process in the task manager.

Can Space Elementals Function as Guides?

Yeah, sometimes, if they have reached the stage in their evolution where they are able to contact us. It’s very, very different from the way our angels and normal guides help us though. It’s a touch – and – go affair, where they’ll just pop in and out. Like Archangels and Ascended Masters, their help will usually act as a catalyst for some transformation in our life. It seems they are generally not that interested in keeping a lasting relationship with us. Like with personifications, we’ll usually have to reach out to them first if we want to connect. However unlike them, they’ll probably won’t attach to us.

How Do You Go About Connecting to One?

Now, their evolution is slow and their energy fields are huge. What I’m trying to get through is that space elementals aren’t really that interested in connecting with us – they just weren’t created for that. This probably carries through when they assume the fifth element. You can still contact them when they’re evolving of course, but it’ll mostly feel like a really, really slow online chat where the Internet connection is so bad you want to kill your modem.

But if you can tolerate that, it should be easy to find one to talk with if you’re willing to have some patience. You’re not required to feel amazingly good or be in a super high vibration to connect with them. Generally, intent and focus works well whether you’re sad that someone stole your cupcake or happy that you know river dance. They easily drift away though, so better keep that focus strong.

Oh, and I should also mention they do not live on any specific plane. As with most angelic and elemental beings, they move around. That’s one of the reasons you shouldn’t worry about getting into the right vibration to contact one.

These entities are mysterious and maybe for a reason. I’ll say that it’s usually best to stick with the elementals that work on this Earth, since sometimes you’re bound to stumble on a mean space elemental and when you’re connected to that kind of energy, it’s usually not so pleasant. You can get away quite easily from lower vibrational entities, but mean space elementals will affect you for some time. Well, at least they won’t stalk you and suck your energy!


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Active Energy Creation

Image credits: BBC and Ian Lambert.

There are a myriad of ways to create the things you desire. Still, most of us use mental exercises such as visualization and affirmations. That’s OK, isn’t it? We know how powerful our mind is.

Yet, there is also another way.

How to make our physical bodies useful

You know that energy can’t be destroyed, but only transformed. This is what happens when we use visualization. We use thought energy to create an imprint in our subconscious mind which then changes our more… subtle vibration. This usually takes some time, since Rome wasn’t built in a day.

When we exercise, we use physical energy. Actually, we use physical energy all the time. It’s not rocket science, though I never understood what was the big deal with rocket science anyway.  This energy can be used towards our manifestation effort, just like visualization!

So, whenever I exercise, I call it: Active Energy Creation. And it is very effective.

How to use exercise to benefit from it in other ways than what we already know:

So you start exercising. Mostly, people start with a warm up. Now, I have a little ritual going on here. Whenever I’m warming up, this is what I do:

1. I imagine an empty bubble.
2. I intend that the physical energy I expel will fill the bubble.
3. I continue the warm up.

By the end of the warm up, I am usually ready to start the main workout. This is where the energy creation comes in. As you get tired, the ball will get bigger and bigger and bigger. Or fuller and fuller and fuller, if you prefer that. Once you’re done, you transform the bubble into an intense orb of light (the energy is still there, of course), then you shoot it at your desire and watch it become more powerful. Trust me, your subconscious will take notice and when your subconscious takes notice, your energy changes.

Neat, huh? Try it the next time you exercise or when you’re doing any strenuous work. It’s fun and motivating!

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Thoughts and Reflections

Note: This post is a ‘me’ – post. Oh, and Sel also got something to say.. so it’s a … team post? Bah, details.

A lot of the time I find myself somewhere else in my mind.I never get to be present and experience this dream – like reality. When I suddenly come back, physical reality feels like a dream.

One might say it’s all an illusion, but I beg to differ. It’s not about the golden days of the past or the fantasies of the future, it’s about life right now.

2012: Does Time Heal All Wounds?

Around my birthday in February, I have a reading where I ask the reader about my specific goals. The reader I had almost one year ago, told me about how 2011 could be the year of abundance for me, both blog – wise and … well, other things in life.

Now, things are still bad financially. A part of me sees greed everywhere, and sees how people frantically cling to their money without giving to a soul that may needed. In this case, the soul would be me.  Another part sees things differently in a way I can’t quite explain. It still blows my mind how we can exist on so many levels.

A lot of success relies on consistency. I am not good when it comes to consistency, so I shan’t dwell on it in this post.

That being said, I truly hope 2012 will be the year of abundance for me.

The Divine Feminine

I’ve seen how feminine energies, the Goddess, is being worked into the consciousness of mankind. We are on our way to a better future, yet I believe will still be a rollercoaster for some time. Nevertheless, variety is the spice of life!

My experiences with Sel opened up a lot of other experiences. To be in contact with such a divine and cosmic being is something I’m eternally grateful for. I must confess that it does give me peace and comfort in troubling times. Even so, I am not here to channel her wisdom or reveal her existence to the world like so many channelers have done before me with other entities (Jane Roberts and Seth comes to mind). I’m here to express my own wisdom, no, my own Truth. This is a frightening concept, because it requires me to drop my shield and sword to the ground.

Goals for now:

I’ve decided to create two new blogs along with Some Insight Required. They will be called Diary of a Goddess and Sol Vaadal.com. I think they will offer me other ways of expressing my knowledge and interests, as Some Insight Required is basically an informative blog for those interested in metaphysics and personal development.

I will also try to be a little more consistent with writing on this blog. My heart goes out to ALL of you that read this, even if it’s your first time on this site. I appreciate you. I know the cheesiness of this post is starting to peak, but that means more cheese for everyone! Problem is only there if you don’t like cheese.

I have a lot to share with you. Most of it gets stuck in my mind though.
Here’s to a pleasant New Year! I believe Sel and I will chime in on some information on nature spirits soon. The post is already in the works.

I will not focus on making money on blogging for now. My work lies elsewhere. I’ll still blog, though. It’s… rewarding.

Now for Sel:

Happy New Year, my dear sweet people of the blueball Earth!

I have come to you today (actually, I’ve been here all along) to impart this message: Be happy! For too long, you’ve been working around the clock, thinking: When will I reach that goal?
Here is the dealbreaker: You’ll never reach it! :D If you only continue to think about it, then you’ll never reach ANYTHING! A small man once told me: ‘Reality is about what’s hitting you right now, dear.’ I must say, this man knew things. I also know things, but I like keeping them a secret ;)

Yet, there is a time for being happy and a time for being serious or so we suppose. This new year brings about a lot of changes, both on the individual plane and in the planetary consciousness. I am not at liberty to discuss these changes, and nor would I want to other than to say that you have things to look forward to. My advice to you is to take things as they come. This could be considered common sense, but I find that lacking in the daily life that consists of work, work and more work. Please, be more imaginative and look beyond the borders of established reality. For reality is subject to change at a moments notice. Living in pre – defined patterns and standards set by others is often an inopportune thing to do. With that said, either you will  heed my advice or you will not, dear humans. It is your choice and your responsibility.

I see that this might come across as hard to understand. Fear not, little humans. I will make it easier for you.

Imagine an apple. Then imagine slicing said apple. See what I did there? When you slice the apple, its form automatically changes. Now, an apple is still an apple by any means.. but it is DIFFERENT. It is now more edible, you could say. Perhaps that is a way you could approach life.

Reality will change. It is temporal. Time and space is not mutually inclusive of each other. They never have been. An apple that is sliced does not constitue a lesser reality than the apple as a whole. Keep that in mind. Now, I am done making foolish sense. I will do a bow, and leave it to you. It is your day, and your will to seize it.

This message will reach those that it is meant to reach. *smirk*

Sel (also called thousands of other names)

… Right. I don’t know what to say to that. I can’t control what comes through, sadly. Sel is Sel. Her complex personality has always been an attractor factor. I wanted to write what her sphere is since she’s an personification, but apparently I’m not allowed to do so.No worries!

I will go rest now and get back to you in the coming days.
Be well and rest in peace!

Your friend,

… Wait, what?


The Lady in Silver

Thanks to Marta Dahlig for this beautiful picture.

This is a sequel to Frontal Collisions and How I Met Everything. It won’t be long.

The trees were bathed in moonlight, giving everything a blue hue. It was beautiful. Most of the environments I saw could be defined as such. Yet this forest was… different. Why, was the question on my mind.

A Midnight Flight

Your consciousness is different in the astral plane. Many of the barriers created by logic and our physical environment has faded away, yet the beauty of them remain. At least I couldn’t help thinking that when I crashed into a tree. These trees had no soul, and I concluded they were the creation of another mind. But whose?

The separation process had gone smoothly for a change, with no break in my flow of thoughts. This paved the way for an experience unlike the others. I could not sense my shadow self, and I was probably of a too high vibration to reach it anyway. Yet the astral plane can be a treacherous place sometimes. That’s the beauty of it.
I was finding myself in some forest, almost taken from a Narnia book. It was quiet and calm. The night air was refreshing. I felt alive as I passed through the moonlight that gave this place such an ethereal feeling. It wasn’t the first projection where things were this beautiful, but it was the first where it felt so vivid and… personal.

I had no nagging thoughts going around in my energy. They had faded away as my mind relaxed more. With my mind clear, I felt more conscious and present than ever. This provided me with some clarity that I otherwise wouldn’t have gotten if I was awake in the physical. Even though the environment was beautiful, I sensed no animal life.

I stopped. Wait, there was something. A silvery light ahead, in between the trees. I got reminded of The Two Towers. I remember happiness flooding me as I became closer to the light. I had finally found her. My goddess and my friend. Thus, I encountered the lady in silver, and not for the first time.


She was beautiful. She was the kind of woman I would want to be: Supremely confident, magical and charismatic. I talked to her about how I was doing, and she would have this smile on her face. Just like in the movies. Never mind the strange energy, it would slip out of my thoughts soon enough.

We strolled through the forest, which had conveniently carved out paths for us. It was a strange experience not to feel tired or physically inhibited. It was strange to not long after something. I started to wonder about life, and my companion remarked that I would look good on a statue, philosopher that I am. I found that funny.
There weren’t any stars on the sky, yet everything else reminded me of the physical world. Or maybe the physical world was a reflection of this one? I don’t know now, and I don’t think I knew then either. I never stopped admiring this beautiful landscape. I still admire it as I think about it. It’s strange to admire something. A lot of things in life are strange, I have noticed. Even so, I wanted to share this experience with you before we go back to the normal informative articles.

When I returned, things were back to normal.
And for some reason, I was happy about that.


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Astral Projection

The physical dimension is not rock solid. The non – physical dimension even less so.
Ignoring the physical dimension for a while, I’d like to discuss…astral projection.

Ah yes, the final frontier. The impossible possibilities, where you  see choir – singing German Shepherd dogs, pink cows dancing tango, and Victorian chimpanzees. Would you like to join me for this journey?

Why should we astral project?

Well, why not? You can do ANYTHING. Flying is only the beginning. What about trying to merge your consciousness with a pet? Oh, don’t look at me like that. It’s not harmful and you’ll still be there and be… you. Your pet will still be them. It’s just a thing to do. One of many things.

Think about this: We come into the world with nothing and we’ll leave with nothing. Don’t think you’ll take your 42″ LED TV with you. Many hours of the day is spent thinking about how to accumulate material things, experiences, relationships and so on. Why not get a taste of the life we really live? This is true freedom. No, astral projection may not pay your bills but you can be damn sure it might just lead you to find a way to do that. There, got your attention now? Just kidding… Or am I??

You should astral project because it’s a natural state. Because it’s not just your body, but you. And you can do lots of fun things.

Astral Projection and Dreaming

Astral projection is not dreaming, but it is comparable. In dreams, you are still in the astral plane but in your own space. Your are on another level within the level. Let me explain it in a better way: You are within a sphere. This sphere is your subconscious mind that’s generating dream content. No one can enter this sphere without your permission, but they may be able to influence this. Your dream takes place on the astral plane but within an enclosed area. Just imagine a dome, and you’ll know what I mean.

Astral projection is where the conscious mind is running the show. The subconscious will try to butt in, but you’re mostly so conscious here that you can easily dismiss whatever it sends your way. It’s a wonderful, wonderful experience.

Communication works differently in the astral plane. I don’t quite know how to explain it. It’s like you communicate with your intents, rather than with your words. It’s like you ‘know’ what the other part is saying. Leaves words for dead, so to say. You have to experience it yourself.

How do you astral project?

That’s the question.
And I don’t know the answer.

I can tell you the method I use when I don’t have time to relax properly and I just want to go for a quick visit to the Summerlands. It’s the Rope Method, and if you’ve ever been into these kind of things, then you’ve heard of it.
Here’s a quick step by step guide:

1. Lie or sit down. Groundbreaking, I know.

Take three deep breaths. Quiet your mind.

3. Imagine a rope. Now, don’t try to see the rope. Rather, feel yourself climbing up. Develop a single – minded focus.

4. This is where things may get a little scary. You might hear sounds and see things that are odd or scary. The first times I astral projected, I heard a loud rock band coming and going suddenly during the projection state. You will feel fear. This fear is false evidence appearing real. It is irrational. Do not heed it.

5. If you can stay calm during step 4, you’ll most likely project. Congratulations!
Practice makes perfect.

So, that was a short guide. Not a perfect guide, but I’ve always prided myself on being informative. Thus, I hope this was informative for you! Good luck!

Oh and please like my Facebook Page! It’d mean very much to me and gives me the warm fuzzies!

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