Active Energy Creation

Image credits: BBC and Ian Lambert.

There are a myriad of ways to create the things you desire. Still, most of us use mental exercises such as visualization and affirmations. That’s OK, isn’t it? We know how powerful our mind is.

Yet, there is also another way.

How to make our physical bodies useful

You know that energy can’t be destroyed, but only transformed. This is what happens when we use visualization. We use thought energy to create an imprint in our subconscious mind which then changes our more… subtle vibration. This usually takes some time, since Rome wasn’t built in a day.

When we exercise, we use physical energy. Actually, we use physical energy all the time. It’s not rocket science, though I never understood what was the big deal with rocket science anyway.  This energy can be used towards our manifestation effort, just like visualization!

So, whenever I exercise, I call it: Active Energy Creation. And it is very effective.

How to use exercise to benefit from it in other ways than what we already know:

So you start exercising. Mostly, people start with a warm up. Now, I have a little ritual going on here. Whenever I’m warming up, this is what I do:

1. I imagine an empty bubble.
2. I intend that the physical energy I expel will fill the bubble.
3. I continue the warm up.

By the end of the warm up, I am usually ready to start the main workout. This is where the energy creation comes in. As you get tired, the ball will get bigger and bigger and bigger. Or fuller and fuller and fuller, if you prefer that. Once you’re done, you transform the bubble into an intense orb of light (the energy is still there, of course), then you shoot it at your desire and watch it become more powerful. Trust me, your subconscious will take notice and when your subconscious takes notice, your energy changes.

Neat, huh? Try it the next time you exercise or when you’re doing any strenuous work. It’s fun and motivating!

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3 responses to Active Energy Creation

  1. Julie

    Nice tips, thanks for sharing them! I’m going to give them a try at the next time I exercise, they seems to be really useful for me, sometimes I feel like I’ve lost my power and energy.
    Julie recently posted..dentistMy Profile

  2. Catwoman

    Great tips and useful advices, it could give me some extra motivation for the exercising.
    Catwoman recently posted..Megéri a fogpótlás?My Profile

  3. That’s an interesting method to do exercises! Normally I start to think about all kinds of things – because when I move my body, I get all sorts of good ideas.

    Have to try that at some point, will be interesting to see what results I can get with that. :)
    Peter recently posted..You Have All the Time in the WorldMy Profile

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