The Divine A(ngel)s

An Angel

Angel energy is in and of itself comforting. Angels exist in many cultures and countless religions. They are so to say, everywhere. The New Age world went through what I’d like to call the ‘Angel Craze’. Before, I couldn’t understand why this was. What was so great about angels? Why was everyone obsessed about them? I literally prided myself in not buying into the ‘craze’. Looking back, this was because I could not define angels as beings. I still thought of them as messengers – who they are indeed are (along with other functions) – sent by whatever – god – there – was. I knew they had no defined gender and that they absolutely had no defined personality. Oh, and then we had the thousand channeled messages popping up from Archangel Michael all over the net.

I was turned off. I was so happy I wasn’t all ‘angel crazy’ like those crazy housewives and ex – ministers.

Imagine my surprise, then, when I realized that I was working closely with Archangel Michael myself. You know, the signs should have been there with all the channeled messages I read, but better late than never I guess. It didn’t have a great effect on me other than the surprise factor that I actually had a named angel working with me – and that said angel worked with thousands of others too. No, I treated this A as some great distant being whom everyone loved and went on my merry way, purchasing psychic reading after psychic reading.
In time, I began to open up. I knew we had two guardian angels and I also knew of the possibility of having angels as guides. ‘Sure’, I thought, ‘Those are thoughts I can entertain’. I gradually opened up to working with angel energy and different angels, and I was very content with how effective they were when helping me. It was on a whole other levels than with my spirit guides. Not that spirit guides aren’t effective, quite the contrary, but angels are very good for influencing things.
An example: I was in dire straits without food to sustain myself and I asked for help in finding food or at least some money to buy food. Some hours later, while searching through my stuff, I found an old Visa Gift Card that still had 40 -,Kr left on it (that’d be about $6.66). I rejoiced, and while it wasn’t a lot, it was enough to feed me that day.

The A’s had turned out to be quite useful. I had by now realized that it was really easy for me to tap into the Angelic realm, and I really enjoyed how non – judgmental their energy was. There was no immense fluctuations in energy or lots of thoughts swirling. That energy only was. It was very soothing.

I could finally understand why people loved angels so much. Angels are divine and powerful beings. Very powerful beings. They are pure light. Angels are high – dimensional beings, and are thus a little more ‘distanced’ from Human life than spirit guides. While they have personalities, they aren’t as defined or individualized as our spirit guides and they may therefore come off as a little .. ‘bland’. It really depends on your energy. If you’re a flamboyant person, expect some of your Angels to display similar characteristics.

Angels, while typically seen in the messenger role, also have other functions. Most people have two Guardian angels with them all the time thorough the life. This does not mean that they’ll protect you from tripping over a rock and wounding your knee, however. I am a little unsure about how extensive the GA criteria is when it comes to protecting an individual, but I would assume it covers at least events that may interfere with your life purpose and plan. Another known role angels may have, though not commonly accepted, is the role of a Guide. While we on Earth are typically seen with human Guides, it is possible to have Angels as Guides.
Now, the difference here is that Angel Guides often work with higher and more abstract life – lessons than human spirit guides, because angels – in the majority of cases – have not incarnated before on the physical plane, and as such they are not as familiar with physical life. Such things as karmic life lessons may need an angel to see to them, for example. In short: angel guides, if they’re present, often handle the ‘deeper’ parts while human spirit guides focus on the present physical experience of the individual. It is a little complex and while nothing is really set in stone, this seems to be common.

I believe that the reason some psychics have difficulty perceiving angel guides is because of them being so ‘embedded’ in the individuals’ auric field, that they may be hard to notice. They also seem to float a little higher in our auric field, somewhat above where our Crown Chakra is located. This, however, is not very conclusive as psychics and intuitives are often trained to perceive such things differently. I can only speak from my own theories and experience.

When you truly connect to angel energy, it is bound to feel non – judgmental and.. well, cozy. Like you’re up in Heaven, laying on pink pillows and just relaxing. For me, it does not evoke exhilarating joy or overwhelming power (like with some other entities), but a sense of peace and comfort. I urge you to try it out if you haven’t! Just lay down, get comfortable and reach out! If anything, you’ll feel more content afterward.

In a similar way like spirit guides, angels can be called upon to assist in much the same way as spirit guides. The reason angel assistance is so useful, as written above, is because of their power to influence things. If you’re looking to enter into a new and ideal relationship, call on angels to help you with that transition. Just don’t put a time – table on it. A good thing to remember is that angel work is ‘Divine Timing’ work.
There is also one more thing: angels (along with other beings and entities) cannot help you if you don’t request or ask for it. This has something to do with free will. So before you go cursing Heaven for not sending you that Poodle, please think: Did I really ask for their help?
Honestly, wouldn’t you be pissed if you went to your job, on one of your better days, and someone else had already done all the tasks set for today and you didn’t even have a say in it?
Yes, like that. Now, angels aren’t afraid of you getting pissed on them but hey, it’s your life.
As usual, you are the captain of the ship! Yarr!

Have any questions about angels or angel energy in general? Feel free to contact me or post in the comment section.


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