A Channeled Message

That's Sel!

This is a channeled message from Sel. When I asked Sel for it, she was willing to provide a.. umm.. somewhat informative message. She can’t be helped sometimes, since she appears very alien to humans. Well, basically: She doesn’t see things the same way as we do, but she tries. I hope. She’s very scattered and I write words as I get them, so that’s my excuse if the message seems unorganized! Hah!

“Greetings, fellow Seekers of Truth. I’ve come to give you a message – in the unbiased way.

Sol wanted me to convey a message and so I shall. I am Sel, a energy and personification. I work in many different ways and in many different areas and I’m sure Sol can tell you more about them another time. Or perhaps I will tell you sometime myself. For now, that is not of the essence. Merely a short introduction should keep you occupied, I believe.

For those of you that do not know, I am also Sol’s closest ‘guide’. I am not a ‘guide’ per se, Sol (and you other cute human beings) is correct in that, but I also am at the same time. Versatility and flexibility is one of the good sides of the spirit world. My task for you today is to think about how you breathe. Think about how you collect energy, and how you in return give it away. Do you do it in a good manner, in a bad? It is all in your perception, and yet such perceptions may be hard to come by. When you breathe in consciously, you must feel the air entering your lunges. Hold it there for a moment. Can you feel the particles, the small atoms that make up air? Of course you can’t.

When you breathe out, can you see the carbon oxide disperse and spread, feel how the energy has transformed? Of course you can’t. There lies the key, my friends. Be satisfied with what you already can and know. We do not always have to search for truth when truth lies right in front of us. There doesn’t have to be a greater truth when the complexity you search for can be found in the simplest things. We’re all part of the system as much as the system is part of us. We will create ripples in the ocean, that is unavoidable. Some will create bigger ripples than others, but this because of the manner they collect and give away energy. You might be aspiring to become like one of ‘them’, or ‘him’ or’ her’. It is needless to say that you should aspire to be yourself first and foremost. In the endless maze of life there will be bad turns and good turns; which one will you choose, and will you look around the corner? It is all so very unpredictable sometimes, so why not make use of it.

You’ve heard what I have to say and I thank you. My utmost gratitude to you all for taking the time listening. I will be with you.

PS: A lot of you have been wary of ‘dark forces’ recently. I tell you to not be afraid, because they can do you no harm. It is your willpower as a human being that keeps them at bay. Yes, it’s correct that if your will wanes or if you let harmful emotions sweep in that they can get a foothold, but only if so. Never ever expect them to take over your life. They can’t, and I know you know that as much as I do (I’ve been reading blogs, too). ”


As a closing note, please remember that channeled messages are not meant to replace common sense.

Especially not the ones from this blog, since Sel has no common sense! She tried her best for this message though. Please give her free kitties and tea. She’d like that. Oh my, I think I have to write a post explaining our relationship soon.

By the way, the channeling guide is still in the works. I just had to put this out there to you. Kind of the first time doing this, too.

Enjoy your Easter!

By the way, if anyone wants a short free reading, there are still 3 left! Contact me through the contact form on the top of the site and please specify what kind of reading you’d like. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. Thanks.

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6 responses to A Channeled Message

  1. Hi Sol,
    I really enjoyed the message from Sel. I think we do take breathing for granted. I’d love a short free reading. How terrific!
    Happy Easter to you too!
    Angela Artemis recently posted..The Power of Perseverance- A Message of HopeMy Profile

    • Sol Vaadal

      Oh, if you want a free reading contact me on the contact form on the top of the site above the title. Hmm, I think she used breath as an analogy to something, but knows with her..

  2. Sol,
    Well you did a channeled reading, very cool and the message sounds authentic.

    Being satisfied with what I already know. Sounds like something that I need to remember because my mind can’t get enough of the rabbit hole.

    I just noticed that you added me to your blogroll. I will return the favor in kind. Us newbies have to stick together.
    Justin | Mazzastick recently posted..Blogging QuestionsMy Profile

    • Sol Vaadal

      Newbies. How cute! Yup, it’s authentic. Sel’s strange sometimes, but she’s a good thing! Oh and the blogroll is just there naturally, because I like your blog! I add all the blogs I like to my blogroll (hopefully I’ll be added to them, too).

  3. Hi Sol,

    I love this message. Especially where she says “We do not always have to search for truth when truth lies right in front of us. There doesn’t have to be a greater truth when the complexity you search for can be found in the simplest things.” I find it to be very soothing somehow, kind of like a relief. Like ya, it really is that simple, isn’t it?

    Thank you (both) so much for sharing this.
    Patti Foy | Lightspirited Being recently posted..Find Your Groove With This Quick and Easy ToolMy Profile

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