What To Do If A Spirit Attacks You In Your Sleep

Now, let’s get this out of the way first: Paranormal attacks are exceedingly rare. That doesnt’ mean they never happen, however.

As such, I’ve compiled a few pointers on what to do if such a thing happens and how to recognize it. Remember that there is no guarantee that this will work for you as it depends on your personal belief system and it’s up to you whether to follow what is written here.

How to recognize a spiritual attack:

1. Bad dreams. That is probably the easiest way of recognizing a spiritual attack. Keep in mind that these dreams will probably not be of the spirit itself, but the emotions you (and the spirit) associate with. They may as such just seem like regular nightmares, but there are a few things to notice here:
One thing is that they are recurring. And I mean recurring. That is that they happen EVERY night for a prolonged period (1 – 2 weeks). Now, a spirit that is looking to harm you, will want to keep hidden but this is impossible from a energetic point of view. Our subconscious WILL recognize the danger and try to alert us through our dreams.

The second sign is to feel around your bedroom, or where you usually sleep. Spirits, stray ones at least, often become ‘rooted’ and tend to stay around the sleeping area of their victim. This is because it provides more energetic feedback and it’s often perceived as ‘safer’ than following the victim around all day. A spirit that’s looking to harm you will refrain from latching onto your energy field (aura), but will often ‘hide’ in pockets of energy during the day. Thus, it’s important that you listen to your feelings if you feel a negative change occurring in your sleeping area. It may go on to the point where you feel sad and lethargic whenever you enter the room.

2. Isolation. A spirit will often attempt to manipulate the victim to stay away from others, especially when sleeping (to preserve the flow of energy between you and avoid ‘distractions’). If you have a spouse, you may feel uncomfortable sleeping with him/her and maybe move to another room to get your ‘beauty’ sleep, and in day time you wonder why you did as you feel perfectly fine having dinner with them.

3. Waking up in pain. Now this one’s really really subtle, as we may have different medical conditions. This is as such the least reliable way to check if you’re under attack. You have to pay attention to where it hurts on your body. Abdomen, throat, head and hands are normal places.

What to do if you are under attack:

1. Realize where they’re coming from. You have something they don’t, and you are thus the one with the power. Their repeated attacks against you means that they are not getting what they are after, but are desperate enough to continue. Don’t let them win. You’re the one in power.

2. Call for help. There are helpful spirits and angels ready to assist you. Request their help and protection, as well as the removal of the spirit.

3. Know that these spirits can’t harm you in the long run. When you stand up, stay firm and stop being afraid, they lose all the power that gave them the means to attack you. You have a team of guides and angels at your side that are ready to help you if you are willing. However, the greatest ‘weapon’ is yourself. Even though the spirit is harmful, it’s still subject to Free Will. It can’t do something in the long run that is against what you really want. Be strong and say NO!

There. You’ve gotten some pointers now. Please keep in mind that it is very rare to be attacked by entities unless you have for some reason invited them in – which you have in most cases. However, think in terms of vampire mythology here: Rescind the invitation and they won’t bother you again.

It’s your life, after all.

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13 responses to What To Do If A Spirit Attacks You In Your Sleep

  1. Alright Sol,
    I remember about seven years ago when I went through my dark night of the soul. I had some really freaky dreams and experiences.

    I had an out of body experience where I floated out of my body and went down the street and saw this white glowing blob sitting in a chair. This was in the afternoon btw.I went up to it and told it I wasn’t afraid of it. It was surreal.

    I also have been in a state when I was asleep yet I was conscious almost lucid. I saw a Gargoyle type thing that looked similar to Smeagol from Lord Of The Rings crawling towards me where I was sleeping on the couch.

    Also saw a black shadow blob come through the wall of my home several months ago. I always call on the power of Archangel Michael for self-protection.
    Justin | Mazzastick recently posted..How To Live The Best Life PossibleMy Profile

    • Wow, Justin!

      That’s really interesting.

      You might have encountered an aspect of your shadow self that time you were sleeping on the couch. I am going to write an article about it shortly, so stay tuned!

  2. Hey Sol,
    I was looking forward to your reply to this question. It was a really freaky time in my life from a mental standpoint. I din’t even mention the prophetic dreams that I had as well.

    Because of my paranormal experiences in life I enjoy reading posts about this stuff from an expert like you.
    Justin | Mazzastick recently posted..Start Living Harmoniously With OurselvesMy Profile

  3. liz

    I’m so tired of these things attacking me. I recite Jesus Christ name 3 times in a row in my head loud in order to get them off of me. Then I get pissed and want to fight back. If they could get to me them I could get to them. So fear is replace with faith and courage. If these spirit going to pin me down I’m go to fight back. I recited Jesus Christ name loudly in my mind and mentally kick and fight. How darn them come into my home and mess with me or my family.

    Well that it.

  4. Jes

    I’ve had to live in a sort-of spiritual bondage for many years now. No matter what I did, no matter what I prayed – the problems of being tormented in my dreams at night and during the day have not gone away. Demonic bondage is real, at least to me anyway. It’s not being able to enjoy certain things in life such as friends and family and sometimes being temporarily possessed not being able to say or do what you want! I’ve come to believe having bad dreams every morning just before waking-up are indeed, without a doubt a form of spiritual or demonic attacks. There are so many types of attacks I’ve experienced I could write a book on the subject. Such things have caused so much stress and grief in my life words cannot describe well-enough. I’ve often felt my life was cursed. At least the sun still shines on me. I can also enjoy seeing the stars at night. Regarding bad dreams every morning – my teeth have worn down from grinding them in my sleep. Sometimes I’d wake-up needing a new tooth filling or having sore jaw muscles. I’ve also sometimes experienced crying while I’d be sleeping. I’ve tried praying to God many times, going to church, doing things to stay in better graces – I’ve begged God at times for help! No cure so far for whatever it is I have – been over 30 years now. I’ve asked angels for help, too, and that had worked for a while, but nothing has cured whatever it is I have been suffering from. I’ve thought it was mental illness, but you can see I’m writing and what I write seems to make sense? I’ve had to push away all my friends and family. I’ve not been able to hold a job for longer than a week to a few months before needing to quit. I’ve not been able to enjoy anything for long that involves being with people. A number of years ago I had tried hanging a Native American Dream Catcher over my bed to help rid the bad dreams? It hadn’t helped, didn’t help at all. I’ve since tried other methods that seemed to work for a while regarding the bad dreams. Such things like meditating at bedtime just before going to sleep. I’d visualize myself in bed inside a protective sphere or two of bright light. This has worked sometimes. Other times it’s holy water. I receive a small bottle of Lourdes Water every month from the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate where I sprinkle droplets of the water on the outer walls, windows and doors to my house when the bad dreams get really bad. This has helped, but again only temporary lasting a week or barely a few days. I also sometimes burn frankincense in my house simply because I like the smell. These days I wear an 18-eye Tibetan Dzi bead around my neck that I believe is real. I’ve often experienced it absorbing negative energies believe it or not. I wear it to sleep most every night and the bad dreams aren’t as bad. I’ve also tried my hand believing and practicing the Law of Attraction – that they say we attract into our lives what we think about most? So far I haven’t won the lottery and can say it sure has been tough sometimes maintaining a positive, grateful attitude towards life. Some people have told me I’m gifted psychically. Others have said I might have a spiritual gift called discernment and still others have said I’m mentally ill. I think I have a combination of all three. For relief from depression, sadness, suffering or grief – I now use a Hindu mantra called the Moola Mantra. I sit in a comfortable chair or on the couch wearing comfortable clothing and with a pair of headphones I’d meditate and chant the Moola Mantra using the CD by Deva Premal. Deva Premal is a new age music artist/singer? She came out with a CD called Deva Premal Sings the Moola Mantra, great stuff and beautiful music.

    • Aliya

      Hi Jes,

      My sympathy goes out to you. I’m sure having those experiences over such a lengthy period has worn you out and I do believe that those are demonic attacks.
      After reading your comment, I want to humbly suggest that you refrain from some of those methods. I believe they’re bringing more harm than good.
      Jesus is the only answer to those problems. Not insinuating that you’re not a believer. But our humanness sometimes causes us to seek popular methods (e.g. dream catchers, meditation, yoga etc.) I believe that demonic spirits attach themselves to us through different avenues when we open ourselves up to them. Jesus said in the bible that whatever we bind on earth is bound in heaven. Therefore I encourage you to bind and rebuke those spirits in Jesus’ name.
      Father in heaven, I stand in faith on the authority I have as a believer in Jesus Christ, and a co-heir to his kingdom. In the name of Jesus Christ, I bind every evil spirit attacking Jes and every evil plan made to destroy her life. I cancel the enemy’s plans and call forth God’s plans for this situation. God’s word says that God has plans for good and not evil (Jeremiah 29:11) and I claim those plans now. I claim deliverance for Jes from all evil and the distress that the enemy is causing her. I thank you for all that you are about to do on her behalf. In Jesus’ name, Amen.
      May God Be With You Jes.

    • Hi Jes,

      I am confident that I can help you. I used to also suffer from demonic attacks but no more. The solution that I recommend has been proven effective by other persons that I know.

      Please contact me directly (by email) and I will point you in the right direction. Guaranteed.

    • Wayne

      I’ve had this exact problem for a number of years. I wont go into it now otherwise this will be book with many chapters lol! I suffer from anxiety quiet badly as a result from these spiritual experiences and problems in my life.
      But what I can say is this, I now truly believe that the reason why this happens repeatedly is because we are being reminded of some thing. That is we are very powerful beings. If we are truly made in the image of god then it means we have the power of creation within us. This is the lost key in my opinion which most religions need to teach. I haven’t put this into action yet as I’ve just come into this realization. but I’ve figured out that what these entities and people have in common is that they are not completely filled with the creative forces of god and they can see who is filled with this but does not know this fact for themselves yet. Also we may have held on to past hurts which these beings try to increase and feed on.

      So now with this understanding whether spiritual or mental in my opinion, these problems start from fear and now this is where the gift comes in e.g:
      just like we brush are teeth and bath we need to do the same spiritually.

      Imagine my own negative emotions dissolving which might have attracted the spirit or person in the first place.

      And with the entity, be fearless and with the presence of god within you imagine dissolving and breaking links to the entity with a strong emotional command.
      This ‘knowing’ is what I’m trying to put across here. when you know who you are, you then know your authority, your nobility and your power. So you can get rid of these experiences which ever way you feel comfortable, doing so in a positive humble manner. All you need is just the realization you had when you were a child which was ‘I’m creative’.

      I hope my two pence worth will help someone who has had these experiences in their life. And may post back my findings when I put this into practice.

  5. samantha

    i remember when i was 5 years old and had no fear i would have outer boy experiences where i would fly around my neighbourhood, then one night i jumped off my bed to fly out the window as i usually would and it was like there was something heavy on my back which made me drop to the ground and i never had them again. not long after i was moved to a seperate bedroom in my home and i had re-occuring dreams or night mares once a month on the same date, they started really hapy ike, my walls were filled with sunflower wallpaper, and i was dancing around with a huge smile from ear to ear then some horrible fear came over me and i would walk into the hallway, now i couldnt see anything but i DEFINATLY knew there was something evil and fearful there, it was watching me but could not get to me for some reason, id sneak through my hallway with my eyes always watching where this bad energy was and id step into the loungeroom where the rest of my family were, and thats where it ended. i never knew what these dreams meant until now at 21 and been through a MAJOR spiritual awakening.. now this is where im getting confused.

    my three year old daughter has been going through some form of night terror, every night in her sleep, dead on 8 oclock,she will start screaming out for mum or dad, as soon as i enter the room, and go up to her, she will (in her sleep) push me away, kick me away scream go away go go go, and this is totally un normal considering she is the most loving little thing and never turns down affection.. ive found i cannot wake her, she stays asleep, the only way i can make this stop is projecting white light around my daughter and then my home, and whats interesting is as soon as i call on my guides to help (in my head ) my daughter (in her sleep) will start telling me to shhhh and try and cover my mouth..


  6. Allison

    I was attacked 2 nights ago. I woke up to a something holding me down by my chest. I couldn’t see anything but felt it’s presence. When I tried to sit up I was slammed back down and was held more tightly by my throat and ankles. Whatever it was, it has an unbelievable amount of strength and was terrifying. I couldn’t speak or yell I could only grunt. I couldn’t move my head or anything. My husband was sound asleep and is by far a violent person but while I was being held down he aggressively tried to have sex with me! He doesn’t remember any of this and swears I was just having a nightmare! I swear I’m not crazy THIS REALLY HAPPENED AND I AM HORRIFIED BY IT!!

  7. Aliya

    Are you a Christian Samantha?

  8. Sharon Harris

    I want to ask question/ and looking for a answer to my question. please give me a answer if you can. I sleep alone and when I sleep I sleep well, my dreams sometime out more. but lately I had dream that someone touches me and take my covers off. I feel that my body is moving in different directions. I sometime recite the Lord prayer to make them leave. but I am wondering what could I do to make it go away.

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