I Am as I Am

It occurs to me that I have not written a lot lately. I seem to forget to come on and write something, and for that I apologise to you – but fear not, I have returned!

A lot has happened lately, but I won’t mention it in this post. Now, you may be thinking ‘what’s the point in mentioning that a lot has happened in that case?’. I tell thee: There is no point. I just did it to get the conversation going.  I feel it much easier to write without thinking about the usefulness in what I write.

I’ve been in close contact with the personification of Everything lately, and while it does not offer much help in regards of sudden and wonderful miracles it does make a good discussion partner over a cup of tea. Yes. Tea.

I’m actually feeling somewhat happy that I am writing here again. It’s not that I’ve been dreading it, but a blog is something personal: be it for business, publicity or just to vent. Maybe it’s an online journal. I am thinking that the source is us. Well, it basically is but I am talking about a deeper level.

I have been thinking about identity and individuality with a little dose of pro – love from the channelers around the Internet. It makes for a funny mix. Whenever I questioned some odd aspects of Everything, it usually said ‘I am as I am’ – and I believed that. We are as we are. Quite simple, really, but human beings have a tendency to look for the complexity in things and as a human being, I confess that I did.

The Jewel and Its Facets

A part of me is now saying ‘oh god’ as I am writing this. I can actually hear it. You  have a lot of thought patterns running around in your head, too. You just don’t hear them until you’re stuck in your mind and you realize that your thoughts aren’t really thoughts but patterns.

But where is the difference?

We’re whole on some level. You might say that separation is an illusion. Many say that. However, while the picture might not be real, the feelings are and it takes more than just a realization of where you are in this world to get rid of them.

I was dreaming of a girl. She was me. She looked around 6 years old and was wearing a red winter jacket.

I asked; “Who are you? What part?”

We kept running, though I’m not sure from what. “I’m number 1,” she says. “I’m the part of your identity that needs to be preserved”. We kept on running. “So you can think? Are you conscious?” and I get a picture of darkness. No, a road in the darkness.. with a flashlight.

You’re not the only you in your mind. That does not make the ‘you’ that’s reading this less relevant, but there are conscious and subconscious fragments floating around in your head. They are patterns, because they only trigger and act on initiative. These initiatives are beliefs, responses and even other people. These patterns are you, and at the same time they’re not. There is a duality but no black and white, and if you look too deep into it…. well, I can’t say what will happen to you. Who is the ‘you’ reading this?

While Everything is a universal personification, it should come as no big surprise that we also carry personifications inside ourselves. They have many forms and shapes but they are ultimately a different facet of the jewel. You’re the jewel, but you’re also only a facet of you. You are as you are. You just don’t know how much yet.

No, we are not static. We change as the tides turn, and that is what makes you so unique. Just some food for thought.

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9 responses to I Am as I Am

  1. Hi Sol,
    Yay! I’m glad you’re back.
    And I’m glad you’re enjoying writing this post. It shows. That was exactly my lesson yesterday. I was so stressed. And I got a message right before I wrote reminding me of the qualities of my blog. And to just have fun. Write what I want. And in the end, it also ended up being/feeling purposeful. Who’da guessed? ;-)
    Anyway, thanks for saying hi to us and sharing your thoughts again. Happy weekend.
    Patti Foy | Lightspirited Being recently posted..Your Magical Mind, Magical BodyMy Profile

    • Thank you, Patti.

      I did enjoy writing the post as far as I can remember. You know, writing a blog is supposed to be enjoyable. More than anyone else, it’s about you. If you’re not enjoying the process of writing or taking it too seriously, then how can you expect to be able to communicate the message in your words? A lot of the article is written in – between – the – lines.
      Still, I guess it is human nature (for now). Better just to get on with it sometimes.

  2. Hi Sol,
    I have been eagerly waiting for your next post. :) Very interesting indeed. While we are here on earth we feel separated for a reason and that is for the sole purpose of experiencing it.

    Yes, we are not really separated and we are collectively experiencing this reality together.

    It’s true that every part of us is being carried around with us in our memory and we must accept and respect that little inner-child within.
    Justin | Mazzastick recently posted..Explaining Our Experience On EarthMy Profile

    • Hi there, Justin!

      We have to nurture the inner child, or else it’ll come up in other situations. Mostly negative ones. It’s easy to judge yourself, and it’s part of life, but let’s cut ourself some slack, hmm?

  3. Joey

    I post therefore I post!

    he he he, yes you are right we are not static beings and indeed the future is not written in stone!

    by the way how are you coming along with your personification book?

    • Hello there, Joey.

      How are you doing?
      I am slowly but surely getting along with the book. I’ve been working on a fantasy novel, so I must confess the personification book has been on the back – burner but I feel motivated enough to get back to it.

  4. Nice. True we are not static. We continually move and change so we can grow.

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