Jumping Up and Down in the Summer Rain

Image credit goes to Ben Rashid (gratz Ben)

Imagine you, or someone you know jumping up and down on the spot in the rain with the sun shining through clouds. And imagine it in slow – motion. Funny image, right?

Anyway, I thought I’d interrupt with a small interlude post since I am writing part 2 about the shadow self. Quite an ambitious post.

I did my first phone reading yesterday and it was a wonderful experience. It was also pretty unexpected. Really boosted my confidence in my own abilities, y’know? Anyway, I’ve been listening to U2’s Summer Rain. I really like the last lines:

” It’s not why you’re running, but where you’re going
It’s not what you’re dreaming, but what you’re gonna do
It’s not where you’re born, it’s where you belong
It’s not how weak, but what will make you strong”.

So yeah, I’m really happy. Feels like I can eventually succeed with this blogging stuff. Now, I don’t have the habit of looking at people in an utilitarian way (or maybe I do??).

Sel was really.. pushy throughout the conversation. Being all vigilant and stuff. Don’t know for what. We had a good time after that though. Watched some Amazing Race – like program before I feel asleep. Sel is good to have.

I’ve been scarred enough in my lifetime, but today when I woke up (albeit tired) to a beautiful morning, I couldn’t help but think that ‘yeah, this is really gonna work out’. My dream is to be free. My dream is to not let numbers on a sheet decide if I’m gonna make it through life. Yes, this is a really self – centered post.

I had  a convo with Sel on what to do about my negative attachment to someone and I agree that I have the habit of overthinking things to a point where she just said ”Stop asking these silly questions” and proceeded to ‘drink’ her oh – so – important – tea.  Don’t know what’s up with her on that.  Maybe I should let her write a little on this blog, just to see your reaction. Then you’ll look at my picture and see that trollface. Nah, just kidding. Half – kidding. I probably WILL let Sel write something here.  Dont’ think it’ll be all to serious, however.  She’s an advocate of letting people finding out things for themselves.

I’ve also had a great time with one of my closest friends. I’m actually moving into a new apartment soon, so she and I sat down and planned how we’re going to make things look here and there. It’s not a big apartment, but it suits me well enough. I hope I can manage to get an Internet connection.

Well, enough rambling from me. Stay tuned for the next post!

Have a good day now!

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16 responses to Jumping Up and Down in the Summer Rain

  1. Who was your phone ringing with? Sel? Who is this Sel person?

    And why are you guys named Sel and Sol? Do all Norwegian names translate into 3 letter english works?

    I’d want to be “Suk” because I think that’s funny.
    Fred Tracy recently posted..Life Is a SandboxMy Profile

    • Oh, you crack me up, Fred!

      Sel’s mostly a non – physical being, and her name isn’t really Sel. However, if you’re not sure if you believe in these things then you can just consider her part of my mind. That’s what many of the ‘fence – sitters’ I know do. The reason I write about her in such a ‘real’ way is because of my own experiences with her. Such experiences change even a sceptic like I was. Now, I’d hate to sound like a ‘converted’ person because I like people having their own mind… but some things are just incredible. Plus, I found it all out on my own, too! …Err, yeah, well.. anyway..
      I’m just named Sol because it’s NOT a Norwegian name, but a Latin one. My surname is Norwegian, however!
      ‘Suk’? If you added a ‘ker’ to that, it’d be the Norwegian word for ‘sugar’. I think that’s funny as well.

  2. Joey

    Congratulations on your successful reading and the move to a new apartment!

    • Thank you, Joey! It’s appreciated. Hope you’re doing well!

      • Joey

        Yep I’m doing great and starting to learn about astral projection!

        • That’s great, Joey!

          Y’know about the subconscious stick thingy? Well, I don’t know what happened but I dreamt about the subject in mind after I did it. I think I am a little more at peace with it now. I’m actually writing a free ebook on mental astral projection that will be available to my subscribers, so what a coincidence huh?

          • Joey

            Whoa that’s a cool coincidence, I’m happy to hear that you’re starting to feel more at peace! And I’m looking forward to your eBook!

  3. Julie

    Good for you on the phone reading, apartment, and Part 2!

  4. Hello Sol,
    It really sounds like your life is heading into a wonderful direction. Life is like that. It seems as though it will head no where forever than next thing we know a ton of new changes manifest in our lives for the better.

    Take Care.
    Justin | Mazzastick recently posted..Stability VS Intimacy In RelationshipsMy Profile

  5. Hi Sol,

    I don’t think this is a self centered post. After all, aren’t we all here to look after numero uno? One of the most important things I’ve learned since starting my spiritual journey is that we all eventually have to rely on ourselves and no one else. Being here is a personal journey for each and everyone of us, regardless of age, race, ethnicity, etc. What I am trying to say is that there is nothing wrong with wanting to make life easier and to be happy.

    I think we’ve been conditioned over the years to feel that it is wrong to be selfish, we’ve been told it is better to serve others and to sacrifice. And while I agree that there is nothing wrong in doing good for others there is also nothing wrong with doing good for yourself.
    Todd | Channelingmyself recently posted..Oracle Cards for DummiesMy Profile

    • Hi Todd,

      I agree, y’know. I must confess I am tired of being put down and that people think what they have seen in the past of me is still true now. If one hadn’t noticed, people change when certain things change.

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