How to Actually Bond With Your Spirit Guides

This article will discuss exactly what its title says.

Some of you may find it odd that you would ever have a need to bond with a spiritual being for emotional comfort. Indeed, many of you have established families, kids, close friends and a perfectly satisfactory romantic relationship. If you’re one of these cases, I believe it’s important to see the other side of the coin. There are humans that have never had the opportunity to experience any of the aforementioned things on a close and personal level because of various reasons.

I know that in many cases it isn’t a case of ‘just go out and chat with someone’. If it was that easy, the problem would have been eliminated. Many are selective, however. Just going out and ‘talking’ without any real connection, any real exchange of energy, might not work. Some of you may like talking to females more. Some of you males. You might even associate with one gender so much that you disregard others. In the same way, if you’re practicing psychic abilities, you might disregard your spiritual team so much in favour for your physical friends and vice versa. I am reminded by Sel to write that I do believe it’s important to be grounded and firm in the dimension and plane you’re currently living in, but I also think there should be a possibility to nurture both sides. This isn’t about being escapist, people. This is about getting out of the box (it’s a little cold right now, so you might want to bring a jacket).

I know you might come with arguements such as “spirit guides don’t need friends lol”. They don’t? They appreciate your friendship, you know. They are essentially ‘people’ just like you. Don’t let the term ‘spirit’ fool you. ‘A spirit’ is what we are anyways. So would this be the case that a human without a physical body could not be called a ‘person’? That’s an interesting thought, but not one that we’ll be going into at this time.

A little off – topic (but still somewhat related, I promise!)

Now, back to the lonely souls. Some of us might have a dire need to be in contact with at least something. I know I was the case and before you ask why it might be the case I will just say that I had my reasons. I might expand upon these reasons another time. I’ve seen a lot in life and I’ve matured beyond my years in certain aspects and stayed behind in some. I do not think that makes me special in any way, as the same could be said for my neighbour. What’s important is how much weight we put on these things, and essentially how much we let the opinions of others carry it. It can be scary when someone tells me that ‘I’m still young’ since I am an old soul. Still, what was said held merit though it hurt my womanly pride at the time. I haven’t lived this life for 60 years yet and I suspect I might look at things differently in regards to physical life when that time comes.

Of course, age is perhaps a central factor here. The older you get, the more inevitable the fact that you’re going to leave the body you’re currently inhabiting becomes apparent. I know of a old woman in her seventies who actually learned to connect with her guides because she felt somewhat lonely and wanted to hear ‘what the other side was like’. In some time, she became a very respected local reader because people looked to her when they needed someone with physical life experience and who could provide them answers. For a young body such as myself, things might be different. I shall not elaborate too much on what motivates one to reach for contact with spirit entities. In my case, my mother died when I was 8 and I soon after began to open up. Since this happened at such a early stage in my life, you could say that it has coloured the way I perceive life. Many of the intuitive people I know, both offline and online, are in their mid thirties to mid forties, and a lot of these people didn’t open up before they passed the young adult stage (20 – 40).
Most of them started practicing and offering readings to others. I asked a woman if she didn’t want to know her guides on a more personal level and she said. “When I first started channeling, I was very curious as to who they were, but now I’m comfortable in just knowing that everything comes from one Source.”
As you see, varying reasons and motivations.

Cool story bros?


Getting back on Track

You have people without a body that care for you, and I am not talking about your grandmother Solveig or uncle Dagfinn. It’s not about Archangel Michael (ooh, he’s a popular one) or Jesus Healing – Hands (now he’s definitely a pop star).

You see, I am not just talking about your spirit guides or guardian angels either. I think people are too fixated on them. Time to broaden your spiritual social circle, people! Just wait, because there is more!
Admittedly, I understand that some of you may think that’s a waste of time but I’m not writing for those . Please, do entertain the idea and if it doesn’t fit well with you, discard it. It’s a free country, right? Alright, I’ve walked around the porridge too much.

This is primarily catered to those that wish to strengthen the bonds with their spiritual team or even their soul group, and for those who just need a few extra friends (and a little less privacy, hehe). Before we begin discussing this I’ll tell you a few facts:

1. Your spiritual team doesn’t only refer to your spirit guides and guardian angels.
2. There is no danger or harm in treating members of your spiritual team like equal, like – minded people. Just because they can see things from a better perspective does not mean they are perfect. They are whole.
3. You are very unlikely to develop any sort of dependence on them since you are a being capable of common sense. The funny thing is that sometimes common sense is bullshit.
4. They will have different personalities. Deal with it. Variety is the spice of life, y’know.

So now we’ve got that out of the way.

First I want to write a little about my experiences with different spirits. I recently had a guide I would define as an ‘ass – kicker’. She was blunt, not always friendly and had quite strong convictions.
Some of the things she could say were “What the fuck are you doing?” and “I‘m not your friend, but… [Insert X thing there]“. That was a very odd personality and way of speaking, right? At least I thought so.
I’m sure many of you are used to hearing guides speak like this “We [of course it’s always in plural] cannot elaborate on this matter further, but you will see that there are certainly other options you can take to achieve the goal of being a pig farmer in Minnesota”. Yes, both my team and I thought that was funny. Though when I re – read it, it’s not that much fun.
Now back to my guide. She originally approached me in a dream, wearing a cowboy hat and beautiful black wavy – curly hair donning her head. The hair was kind of silky. I asked her if she was my friend and she immediately said that she didn’t think she was ‘ready for that yet’. Yet we eventually developed a bond. She didn’t stop being blunt and using somewhat offensive language, though. It added a nice touch.

This is an example of the varied personalities spirits can possess if you allow and prefer them to.
I know some that prefer spirits to speak like old sages and act all high and mighty (because that’s what they associate them with), and naturally this is what they do. I am aware that some of you just like to consider that the guidance comes from the Source, but this is not about receiving guidance from your Source. This is about establishing real connections with your team as beings, rather than treating them as Google.
Very few spirits will be like the one I mentioned here. I must confess to liking individuality and uniqueness so that might be why I attracted a guide like that to help me through what I was going through at that time. Your experience may differ from mine. It almost certainly will and that’s wonderful.

What to Expect

Even if you have a nice social circle here on Earth, there are still benefits to establishing these connections with your team. Of course, it will be different from team to team, and your needs will probably cater to the depths of your desired contact with them. I know that many of you are afraid that it might end up as an obsession, but I assure that neither you nor the team would let it come that far, unless it was beneficial for you.

So, you sit down. This time you’re not going to meet your team on behalf of a client or to look for guidance in your current life. This time (and you’re feeling some anticipation) you’re going to actually talk to them! You haven’t felt this way since you first learned to open up. You know it’s all going to be different this time, however.

Alternatively, this may be the first time you’ve attempted this. Maybe you are just curious and would like to see what happens. Or maybe you’re lonely, but a little afraid of what they’d think of you. No need to worry, though. While some may feel a little strange, they know you and they would not intentionally push your buttons or reject you. If they did, they wouldn’t be your guides.

This is a different process for each and every one of us. That’s so obvious that I don’t even know why I mentioned it in the first place. You should expect to have fun and feel comfortable, however.
If this doesn’t feel good to you and you’d rather just have a professional working relationship with your own guides, then that is fine as well. Variety is still the spice of life (if it hasn’t changed in the last minutes).

Some Questions and Answers

These are some questions I’ve been asked, and since it relates to this topic, I guess I should add them!

Q: Doesn’t a spirit with a very defined personality mean it’s lower vibrational/ghost/not fit to be a spirit guide etc?

A: Absolutely not! Who told you that? Let’s take Sel for example! She’s a personification and moon goddess, and she certainly has her own personality! There’s nothing ordinary about her. It’s the same with your guides and guardians as well! One might be gruff, another might be kind and so on. To quote Sel on this matter: ”We’re all like the colours of the rainbow, and we remember that we all came from the same source, same light, but we are different expressions.”

Q: Can you outline a technique for me to get in contact with my guides/guardians/Santa Claus this way?

A: I can. I originally developed a channeling guide months ago, but I accidentally deleted it. I’ll write it yet again!

Q: What about high – dimensional beings, like Ascended Masters, Gods/Goddesses? Can I contact them?

A: You can. You can contact Everything for all I know, the only difference is that Everything will stay for like 2 mins and the AM’s and G’s are all in the ‘people’ category of Spirit. This means that they work with people, albeit on a grand scale, a lot. This makes them perfect to contact. It’s also quite easy to establish a bond with them, if you’re willing.

Q: What happens when a spirit guide leaves? I don’t mean a guide that’s been with you for about 2 weeks, but one that’s been with you for years. We were really great friends. Can I still connect with the guide?

A: I’ve had this happen to me. Yes, you can connect with the guide. The sad thing is that most of the time, there’s a one in a million chance that this guide will return to your team UNLESS the guide had a specific role that is still needed and you dismissed the guide unconsciously. Of course you can still chit – chat. Guides leave silently. You don’t always feel it. Sometimes the mind conjures up a ‘clone’ of the guide when it is gone, so the subconscious and superconscious can work on finding a new guide and help you to adapt and deal with it.

Q: Why don’t I remember my past lives?

A: … How did this question get in here? Well, you don’t remember your past lives right off the bat because they’re not meant to interfere with your present life.

Q: Is there a policy on naming guides? Do they have names? Someone told me that guides don’t like to tell their names.

A: Elemental guides are very wary about telling their true names, and some human guides as well. Yes, you could say that every guide has a name and every guide will accept a nickname you give them. Sel’s name isn’t really Sel, for example. She even says ‘.. and I am called Sel!’ to others (when in relation to me). Names hold power, especially for elementals. Then again, elemental guides are not that common. Human guides are very versatile however. They can present you with a name they carried from one of their lifetimes. A guide presented himself to me with the name Isoram, as an example. That might have been from his time as an Egyptian!

Q: Why am I having problems channeling my guides?

A: Most of the time, it’s because you aren’t trusting yourself. I can give you some guidelines, though:

1. Never underestimate your first thought.
2. The answer will feel ‘right’ to you. That doesn’t mean it’ll feel ‘good’ or ‘bad’, but it’ll feel right and be somewhat more lucid.
3. If the answers include anything that makes you feel judged or bad, then it’s most likely your own mind. Guides have no interest in ruining their relationship with you by making you feel bad.

That was all for this time.

NOTE: A good friend of mine would kindly like to donate her reading to someone else! It is completely free, so send me an email through the contact form at the top if you’re interested.
Here’s what I can do:

1. I can offer intuitive question readings, ranging from one to three questions.
2. I can offer a reading in which I’ll connect with the personification you’re attuned to for this lifetime (you can read about personifications on my blog).
3. I can offer a message and description of your guides and/or spiritual team.

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19 responses to How to Actually Bond With Your Spirit Guides

  1. Hi Sol,

    I really enjoyed this post, guess it was something I needed to read at this time. I’ve known for a while now that I’ve had guides but never really thought of “connecting” with them like I would with a person here. I guess it all stems from the communication aspect since I feel silly at times talking to them (feels like I’m talking to myself.) However, I realize that they are communicating back to me just not in a form that I open and patient for.
    Todd | Channelingmyself recently posted..Pay Attention to Your IntuitionMy Profile

    • I am happy you enoyed the post, Todd!
      I did pour my heart into it.

      Yes, I know how it feels when you feel you’re talking to yourself. There is a way you can avoid this, though. Whenever you ask a question, is it answered in a way you would usually answer to someone’s question?

      You can’t eliminate yourself in the channeling, so there will always be some traces of ‘you’ in it since it’s your mind. It’s a fine line to walk, but practice makes perfect!

  2. pea

    This is an interesting start for me to your posts Sol. You certainly have put a lot into it. I will look back at your older posts at some point to grasp a little more of your point of view. But I can see that it will be an interesting journey filled charmingly with your little cultural references like ‘walking around the porridge.’
    pea recently posted..Being WeirdMy Profile

    • Why, if it is interesting then I am happy!
      I am grateful that you’ll continue reading ;) It’s a good feeling when your work is appreciated.

      Ah yes, ‘walking around the porridge’. It’s obvious, but you say that when you’ve yet to get to the point. Hopefully I’ll be able to include more of those!

  3. Hi Sol,

    Great article.

    It’s worth everyone’s time to form a relationship with their team. It may not be “easy” or “fast” but I do think of it exactly like developing a friendship. After all, you hired them for a reason in the first place. Who is to say it’s any different from your current life relatives? Maybe you’ve also shared lifetimes with some of your spirit guides. And, they are here to bring you closer to your higher self, so to speak, so though they may “know more” about you than you currently realize they are indeed “human beings” in spirit form and so equal with you, though you are in charge. A nice sort of counterbalance there, huh?

    Age is just age. We all have our traits that develop over this lifetime. I know some kids who are very wise and immature simultaneously, depending upon the area, and same goes for old folks and everyone in between.
    Julie | A Clear Sign recently posted..Does The Veil Between Worlds Thin Around Halloween?My Profile

    • Aw.

      You are just lovely, Julie.

      We did indeed hire them for a reason, and it IS just like developing a friendship. It’s not as ‘easy’ as in the physical, but it’s just as worth it!
      Yes, I’ve been thinking about what you mention about ‘knowing more’ a lot of times. We are the captain of the ship, they are the crew.

      Hm, I didn’t realize I had written about age before now. Ah I guess that’s my limiting belief intruding again!

  4. hi Sol
    yes you are right
    sometimes all we need is to look inside our hearts and we will be guided
    thank you :)

  5. Hi Sol,
    I really enjoyed this very thorough and informative post. I don’t have a “close” relationship with my team. I know they are there and that when I need help for any reason they do not let me down – and that makes me feel good. At times I’ve had very intimate exchanges with them where they instructed me on certain things but, for the most part I don’t interact with them on a daily basis. I speak to them on occasion and once in a while I hear them answer too. I hadn’t thought about it much but, yes, it would be nice to have a closer relationship with them.
    Angela Artemis/Poweredbyintuition recently posted..Healing Emotional Issues Using Your IntuitionMy Profile

    • Hi Angela!

      Glad you enjoyed the post!
      Indeed, knowing that you have someone there to help you when you need it is a good feeling. There are a lot of benefits to having a close relationship with your team, or even just one of them! My relationship with Sel overshadows most of the relationships I have with my main guides, for example. All of them are there for a reason, of course.

  6. Fred Tracy

    This stuff is so interesting to me. Sol you are a crazy girl.

    I have never contacted my spirit team or anything like that. I don’t even know if that stuff exists. Can you write that guide you deleted (doh!) about how to contact them? Maybe I’ll try it…

    By the way, ever since I read that the Buddha had knowledge of his past lifetimes, I’ve always been curious about it. Can you expand on that topic? Or maybe write a post about it?

    Someone told me I was 10,000 years old and had strength and poise once. I don’t know if that’s true, but it’s fun to think about.

    By the way, this is hilarious: “This is about establishing real connections with your team as beings, rather than treating them as Google.”

    As was the thing about the pig farmer, lol.
    Fred Tracy recently posted..Lifestyle Design 101 – Choose Your Best Way to LiveMy Profile

    • “Stuffz, hmm?”

      I will write the guide I deleted. You seem somewhat unsure, so may I ask WHY it’s hard to believe? If we go with LoA principles, you’ll see but what you believe.
      Hmm.. about past lives.. Well, on a soul – level I bet you are older than 10k. Most of us predate the Earth. Sounds crazy, but time isn’t exactly as linear as you’d think (and the concept of ‘time’ is pretty irrelevant in non – physical dimensions). Don’t get hung up in what’s ‘true’. Stop using your head and ‘logic’ for once and try to think outside the box. Let’s be somewhat more impractical and say that if you feel it’s good to think about it, then it’s probably true. This is a process that takes time.

      I know I’m funny sometimes.

      • It’s hard to believe because I don’t have any reason for believing it. I’ve never encountered anything like a spiritual team. That is why.

        No way, I love my head. You can keep on using your heart and gushy emotions all you want though. :D
        Fred Tracy recently posted..Lifestyle Design 101 – Achieve Your Short-Term Goals NowMy Profile

        • Well, practice some lucid dreaming and ask in your dreams. Would be fun to see if you could encounter them there.

          Oh and you misunderstood me about the ‘stop using your head’ thing. I meant that you should stop looking for ‘proof’ via your head and GUSHY emotions? That’s a hard thing to think of.
          I’m an Aquarius (OHNOEZ), I DO use my head, so hah. I probably use my head more than you do, mwahahahaha! Or do I? Where was I going with this again?

          I don’t see why someone needs a reason to believe things, still I do see that you approach things from a neutral point of view. I wonder if it isn’t better to believe than not to believe, though. One could argue that you’re not having ‘expectations’ if you believe in something but people do have at least partial control over their own minds.

  7. Great post Sol, Age is just a number you know. We can learn more from children than adults because they are still closer to the spiritual plane.

    That is interesting about the 70 year old woman connecting with her spirit guides. I guess that is a good age to start doing that since she has less years left on her life.

    I haven’t taken the time to connect with my guides that much but maybe it is time to get quiet (internal chatter that seldom turns off) and listen and connect. I will let you know of my results.
    Justin | Mazzastick recently posted..Intimacy Is Not for the Faint of HeartMy Profile

    • Oh, you noticed the ‘age’ thing too. Gaspeth.

      Any age is as good when connecting with the team, but it may be easier for children and old people because they are ‘closer’ to the spiritual plane (one side coming from death, the other one nearing it).
      Inform me of your results then, Justin. I’ll be on the lookout!

  8. Joey

    Wow that was pretty informative! I don’t have much to add here other than I like your new picture, yeah cool story!

  9. Anna

    It is very interesting topic. I feel that I have some guides but sometimes I just think that I am making it out…I don’t know how to connect and to be honest I am a little bit scared about it..
    Anna recently posted..Typical wisdom tooth symptoms. Is removal an option for me as an adult?My Profile

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