Beneath the Surface of Your Emotions

Coming back from a one month long blogging break, ready to roll!

Our lives are filled with the concept of ‘emotion’.

From emotion, beautiful music is born.
From emotion, inspired art is created.
From emotion, words like these come to fruition.

It is a natural aspect of the human soul to feel. You cannot simply not feel. That’s an impossible feat unto itself, as no emotion is always some emotion.Our minds often consider emotions in varying degrees of ‘intensity’.

One might say that from intense suffering, true souls are born. I don’t know about that, but I do know that suffering makes us appreciate the contrast that our existence on earth is. We are not blind, even if we turn our eyes from what is going on in the world. The knowledge is still there. You can’t seriously say you’ve lived a life without something bad happening to you, can you?

If you haven’t experienced sadness, how could you truly appreciate joy? If you’ve never been poor and had the experience of only having about 2000 kr (that’s about $336) to live on each month, would you then be able to appreciate being financially secure? Matter – of – factly, you would… but on a very different level.

On Fulfillment

We are taught that we live empty lives if we don’t have certain things to fulfill us. These can include money, relationships, clothing, elephants etc.. I’ve certainly been victim of this. In my case, it’s always been important for me to feel valuable and approved by my friends – even the ones that are not local.

This need kicked in when I saw that none of my blogging friends had nominated me for Steve Atchison’s annual top 50 PD blogs. Now, before you hit me with a stick, I will say that it was completely irrational of me to suddenly feel the way I did, but let’s screw rationality for some minutes.
You see, it wasn’t the nomination in itself that mattered to me: It was the perceived lack of support and the belief that I was ‘forgettable’, and even that my articles weren’t valuable! Talk about taking things personally, right? Even so, it made me feel empty. My emotional need to feel valuable wasn’t fulfilled,  even though I really did not have any desire to be part of it given that Some Insight Required is new and still in its beginning phase.

Then, Sel posed a very interesting question to me after I had sent a whiny mail about my feelings to a friend: “What is it that makes you unworthy?
It got me thinking, which is what I do most of the day, so no surprise there. I reasoned that it was probably a need that originated from my childhood. Alright, so the emotional impact lingered with me… but WHY?
Sel answered that too: “It’s not about what happens to you, but how you perceive what happens.
I think she and Morty Lefkoe could get along. A lightbulb appeared in my mind.

Now, I won’t propose that we should shed our emotional fears but this side of us can be crippling. I am proof. Still, fear can be our strength. If you hadn’t lived under the perceived notion that you needed ‘X’ to fulfill you and feared you didn’t have it, would it have given you the strength to break out of the box? It’s about making positives in negatives, folks. I am writing this post in hopes of helping you, for example.

Freedom and Empowerment

Emotions help us experience contrast. Our thoughts feed our emotions, for better and for worse. Emotions are by default awesome.

We do not live in a black and white world,  but in a world of colours. Obviously. A world where you can question morality, blog about pink unicorns, commit unspeakable acts, and donate money to charity.

We truly do possess more freedom than we are aware of.

You see, it isn’t about what you can achieve on the outside through working on the inside: It’s about the balance. The equilibrium that naturally rises when you are at peace with all your flaws and your own emotions. Stop overnalayzing, stop overworking yourself. You are perfect as you are, aren’t you?
Yet you keep asking ‘Why do I feel this way?’ and then you try to find a rational answer as if doubting yourself. Been there, done that. We all have. Life’s biggest battles are often fought alone.

Emotions give us the incentive to empower ourselves. It’s about the spark that’s created, and overcoming whatever may try extinguish it. Life doesn’t come with a blueprint, and everyone has their opinions on what is worth living for and with. It’s about ”growing up and facin’ the real world, and it ain’t nice.”
But what would they really know? We are bound to rebel at some point, in some way. Through constantly being put through situations where we experience the opposite of what we desire, we will eventually learn to grasp the true nature of our goal, and it isn’t more moneh for your wallet. Or so I’d like to say, but truth be told… I can’t speak for you, but I know you’re a human with your own emotions.

So with that lame line, I will propose this: Let’s embrace our days for what they are worth, the good and the bad, the clear and the haze. Sometimes life needs patience to reveal its true intent to us.

Questions and Answers:

How do you deal with overwhelming emotions?

A: If I didn’t know any better, I’d say ‘change your thoughts’, but I know better. I could also say ‘go see a psychologist’, but I’ m gonna be controversial and say: Try to live with it. There might be a reason for it. If there are situations that keep occurring that’s causing you to feel this on regular intervals, try to distance yourself from the situation some minutes a day. Walking or listening to music is therapeutic for me. Escapism has an inherent value.

Do emotions cause dreams?

A: They may, because dreams are inherently emotional. Or they may not. Dreams are hard to figure out.  From a physical perspective, we do not know where dreams are created in the brain either. From a metaphysical perspective, they serve as a kind of inner exploration vehicle and since emotions are part of our beings… well, emotions certainly cause things to happen in dreams!

Why do you keep mentioning Sel in your posts?

A: Sel herself wants to answer that:

“That’s how I roll. U mad?”

Oh, and please Like my Facebook page! It’d mean very much to me and gives me the warm fuzzies!

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18 responses to Beneath the Surface of Your Emotions

  1. My emotions feel stronger and more unmanageable to me when I am tired.For the most part the word emotion means: stop movement, or easier said, energy in the body that is stuck or has stopped moving.

    It is a signal to us that there needs to be a release of this blockage before we have a meltdown. Most ignore the body’s message and than proceed to have either a breakthrough or a breakdown.

    Did you nominate your blog yet over at Steve’s site? Many bloggers nominated their own, including me. :)
    Justin | Personal Growth recently posted..Why You Chose to be on Earth at This TimeMy Profile

    • Hmm..
      Did ya read my post, Justin or was that just a little hint in regards to Steve?

      Well, I will have to disagree. Emotions aren’t merely signals that signify something else. In some cases of our physical experience, and definitely in the case you describe, it is.
      However, if you go at it from a spiritual perspective, things soon become different. Your emotions are no longer ‘blocked energy’. It’s a tough concept to explain. Lemme get back at ya.

  2. Emotion would only be felt negatively when it becomes imbalanced or of a low resonance, and when it affects the speed and efficiency of the body’s communication systems by suppressing movement. Basically the exchange of information between brain, organs and cells.

    Eventually if we stay at this level of emotion we get illness and eventually disease in the body.
    Justin | Personal Growth recently posted..Why You Chose to be on Earth at This TimeMy Profile

    • Justin, oh Justin.

      While I agree with you on a purely physiological level, I would like to ask: If we are spiritual beings, how can we not have emotions?
      That does sound rather stoopid, but I talk about emotions in the sense where you feel awe when viewing some natural wonder.

  3. Don’t feel bad Sol I wasn’t nominated either but then again I really had no idea about the site until I got an email from Justin asking to nominate him.

    Emotions are tricky for me, I think I’ve spent most of my life trying to conceal my emotions with a tough impenetrable outer layer. However, since I’ve had such a strong desire to tap into my psychic abilities I’ve had to accept that I’m gonna have to give in to what I feel and let what happens happen.

    By the way, if I can nominate two blogs let me know and you got my vote as well. Your and Justin’s sites are great I really enjoy reading posts from both.
    Todd | Channelingmyself recently posted..We Are FamilyMy Profile

    • Oh, Todd!
      Thanks for your concern, but I don’t feel bad at all! I didn’t really want to be nominated and I’m fine wither way. Oh, and I’ve been trying to visit your site but it doesn’t load. Know what’s up with that??

      Well, I think emotions are beautiful but I’m a womon, so I can understand it may be somewhat harder for you as a guy, knowing society and all. Yes, it’s best to just go with the flow. A lot of intuition comes to us in subtle ways, often from emotions and sensations.

      I am so happy you enjoy reading the blog! I’ve been on a break but am now back and it’s great to be met with such appreciation :)

      Now to go listen to Nightwish’s Imaginaerum.

      • Hi Sol,

        I’m not sure why you would be having problems accessing my blog. It is working fine unless when you tried it there was a problem with my host. Let me know if you still can’t access it. It could be a problem with google ad syndication.

  4. Some misc thoughts:

    There is something about inclusion that can be compelling. The trick (it seems to me) is not to go too far overboard with NOT wanting to be included, once you reach that stage where you’re over it. For instance, we may think that whomever needs to find us will, but we can’t rely on cosmic forces for everything. Sometimes we have to work at it a little.

    On the emotional part, have you ever had an emotion that was so STRONG that you simply could not (literally) focus on anything else until it was resolved? There is something about that where you really feel threatened. That has a totally different element involved than your average emotion that’s repetitive or upsetting or that you can’t figure out how to get rid of.

    Just some random thoughts that popped out.
    Julie | A Clear Sign recently posted..Intuitive Development Training | Does It Matter How Psychic Messages Come Through?My Profile

    • Interesting.

      I do agree with you, and it reminds me of ‘we are the captain of our own ship’ example that comes up in many articles related to spirit guides. If I relied on Everything, as a cosmic force, all the time… nothing would happen. Or at least not anything that satisfying. It’s about admitting that power is inside you, not outside you. It’s not that I don’t want to be included in the nomination, but that I honestly don’t care for it at this point. I know that whoever needs the blog will find it. Quite contradictory to what I just said, but there’s a time where one has to slow down and review things. Now’s not the time for massive action I feel. Only flow.

      Hmm… I think so. At least, I think I know what you mean. You feel really, really vulnerable. Maybe a bit exploited.
      Food for my thoughts. Thanks, Julie!

  5. Joey

    You have a facebook page? It would help if you had a link somewhere.

    As for dreams I think those are really spirit guide messages telling us something that we need to be aware of. And at least from my experience asking your spirit guides what that dream meant is a really good way to figure out what the heck that dream was all about.

    And yes, it is crazy and puzzling with how life isn’t black and white. When I was a kid I looked at life as all absolutes and now life is much grayer and it gets even more frustrating when trying to make decisions. I hate when people use one-size-fits-all solution because as you know there are always external factors.

    It especially gets frustrating in my job as a computer programmer, you can’t use the same solution for everything. Some cases require something done fast and dirty and some require to be done right and slow. It’s all really learning how to decide which approach to use.

    Great article!

    • I do ha — OH NO. The Facebook box is gone again! Damn it. Oh well, I’ll figure it out. Sorry about that, Joey :)

      That computer programmer example is very interesting. I guess it’s very similar to life in general. You know, experimentation.
      There IS no one – size – fits – all.

      Thanks for enjoying the article and I wish I had more to contribute with!

      • Joey

        I see your new facebook link, prepare to feel all warm and fuzzy!

        • Thank ye kindly, Joey!
          I feel it already. Me gusta.

          • Joey

            You know, a suggestion, since I couldn’t help but notice your comment on having more to contribute, have you thought about writing on your experiences in the psychic/astral world? You’re a real good writer and I remember you wrote of a dark figure in your astral projection world, that was a pretty good read!

            • What a coincidence, Joey!

              I will indeed write more psychic stuff after the following week. This week’s topic is emotion, while next week will be about the Law of Attraction!

              Then the week about that will be, well, me – ish with my experiences in the dream and astral world! Thank you for your suggestion :)

  6. Hey Sol,

    I think it was really courageous of you to share your reaction like that on your blog. And wonderful. I know you and I kind of disagree on what emotions are (to me, they are simply signals of vibrational alignment or misalignment), and therefore, we can release them. I like that you distract yourself, which is a great strategy, unless it’s a belief that gets triggered all the time. In that case, we have to do the actual work – figure out why we’re reacting the way we are and shift our perspective. Just as Sel helped you to do.

    Glad to see you back from your break.

    Melody | Deliberate Receiving recently posted..How People Still Manage To Manifest What They Want While Bitching and ComplainingMy Profile

    • Hi Melody!

      What a thoughtful comment. Thanks for your compliments! They make my heart flutter :)
      Oh, I enjoy that we disagree. Variety is the spice of life. Hmm, you’re right that I need to check up on whatever limiting beliefs I have. Thanks for reminding me! Oh and yes, Sel’s awsum.

  7. DougT

    Hi Sol

    I just came across your blog while researching a presentation I am doing on “Art as Therapy” and why non-verbal expression can be healing. I really like much of what you have to say and enjoy your freshness and insights and openness and wisdom.

    I thought I would challenge you on one of your conclusions: “Our thoughts feed our emotions”. This is touted as a given by all the cognitive therapists out there and many of the ancient philosophers, and has become an accepted “fact” in our culture. Yet when I contemplated and studied this over the last few years I find my emotions feed my thoughts and only very rarely can I use my thoughts to truly change the feelings underneath. I’ve been meditating for 30+ years and had a wonderful insight. All my mind chatter was being driven by unresolved and activated feelings. When I found and resolved the feeling under the 100s of thoughts going on at the time, they all went away. Much more peaceful. If you check it out, let me know what you find.


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