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Discussion on Manifestation

We are all creators. And I want to find the best manifestation method that works for us. In US, I mean we that actually LIVE here with the [..]

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Space Elementals

What exists outside of our perception? Outside of what we know? The topic in this article is about elementals NOT existing on Earth. Thought they only resided on [..]

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Active Energy Creation

There are a myriad of ways to create the things you desire. Still, most of us use mental exercises such as visualization and affirmations. That’s OK, isn’t it? [..]

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Thoughts and Reflections

Note: This post is a ‘me’ – post. Oh, and Sel also got something to say.. so it’s a … team post? Bah, details. A lot of the [..]


The Lady in Silver

This is a sequel to Frontal Collisions and How I Met Everything. It won’t be long. The trees were bathed in moonlight, giving everything a blue hue. It [..]

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Astral Projection

The physical dimension is not rock solid. The non – physical dimension even less so. Ignoring the physical dimension for a while, I’d like to discuss…astral projection. Ah [..]

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