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Ponderings (Plus a Surprise!)

My other post was deleted by an internal 500 server error, leaving only 39 words plus a picture of a wolvar (World of Warcraft creature) left. Of course, [..]

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Channeling – The Experience

After some grueling days of writer’s block, some killer physical exercise (man, it feels good) and rest; I’m back. This time the post is about channeling.I’ve been meaning [..]

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The Wanderer and the Amaranth

When things seem like they fall apart, they often do so for a reason. Lately, I have been struggling. I’ve been struggling with my two worst fears: Rejection [..]

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It’s Not About Stilling Your Mind

One common misconception about channeling is that you have to – no matter what – still your mind. This is not true. I cannot stress this strongly enough. [..]

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Channeling – Is It Somewhere Beyond Your Mind?

It’s been said that we live and die in our own mind. I’m inclined to agree. Our thoughts and beliefs filter everything. If we learn that spirits aren’t [..]

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