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The Wanderer and the Amaranth

When things seem like they fall apart, they often do so for a reason. Lately, I have been struggling. I’ve been struggling with my two worst fears: Rejection [..]

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Why You Should Not Hate Your Ego

I don’t hate my ego. While the ‘ego’, which actually means ‘I’ in Latin (see?) is painted negative– it’s actually counter productive to try to ‘rid yourself of [..]

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Giving Away Control

(Short post, but it utilizes the moment of inspiration I got!) I have had, as every other person, negative events in my life. They keep coming back and [..]

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Something has eluded me for a very long time. So much that I can’t think of a catchy title. I read about deities, angels and everything in between [..]

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Steps to Heaven – The Little Blue Room

The Blue Room (This is the first part of my life story series) Chaos. When I look back, that’s the word that comes up in my mind. Maybe [..]

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Mind Imprisonment

Lately, I have had a hard time writing on the blog. Words wouldn’t flow and even though I have a lot of ideas I just hit, well, a [..]

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