Frontal Collisions and How I Met Everything

We're all connected, y'know?

This week is all about psychic and paranormal experiences. Through these posts, I hope to open up the unseen world to you. Enjoy!

My first encounter with Everything (a personification) was, as you can imagine, incredible. Not in the mind – blowing way, but in a quite ‘human’ way if I were to describe it as such. This memory is one of the most vivid and detailed memories I have.

I was 14 back then, and had realized I was different from others. This made me feel very vulnerable. Worst of all, I felt completely alone. Wasn’t up to the standards of normal middle schoolers apparently. Not that it would bother my family much. What mattered were the grades, right?

Truth be told, this wasn’t all foreign to me. I wasn’t too sure if I hated having no social life either. Maybe it had just become routine? My days would be spent behind the computer, learning how to use the big white box (which was the screen) and then lying down in the darkness of my room, listening to the whispers I would hear around me. It was a solitary life and not healthy emotionally, but it was as it has been said before, my life.

The Lady in Silver

I believe I was having a false awakening. It was strange, because there were no darkness around. No shadow self present. At that time, I did not know what the shadow self was, so I just referred to it as ‘The Darkness’. Original, I know. I went to the living room, which was quite big and nicely furnished with ‘quality merchandise’. There was a green sofa in front of four large windows. Someone was sitting there. Knowing this was a dream, I wasn’t all that concerned, but I was nervous. I like privacy in my own dreams, you see.

I walked towards the figure. More and more I became aware of this electrical energy that was very very busy (a tell – tale sign of elemental energy) and very tight and powerful. By tight and powerful, I mean it felt like a grid that could easily hold you down or push you off some ledge if you have played The Legend of Zelda.
To a human, it felt uncomfortable. I stopped. The figure in front of me was a woman, which is not surprising as I’ve always felt closer to female spiritual entities than male ones. She was sitting there, wearing a very detailed silver dress, holding a tea cup in her hand with a neutral expression. Her face was angel – like. Young and old, airy but austere. The hair was very long and… can you guess it? Silvery. What caught me off – guard however, were her eyes. They looked like they had blue vortexes with a white center as the retina. Reminds me of the Milky Way, thinking back.

I thought she was an angel. I didn’t like angels. They were too goody – goody. I think I must have communicated this energetically, since she smirked. I expected her to say something. She didn’t.
“Hi,” I finally said and sat down beside her. I wasn’t aware of it then, but I felt very close to this lady in silver. She began talking to me, but not in words. It was like music. The ‘voice’ reminded me of a calm sea and its waves breaking against the shore. I can’t remember what she said, but then again, I’m not sure I was supposed to. When I woke up, I was filled with awe and another strange feeling. I think it was the only moment that I experienced true awe. Those feelings remain infinite, as I’ll never have such a vivid dream experience again. Loved that poetry, didn’t ya?

The lady in silver returned many many times during my waking life. She’d sit back in my mind, sipping tea and commenting on life’s trivialities. Then she’d leave again, unless I needed her. I never got to know what she was until … THAT DAY.

Dramatic bold lettering aside, the year was 2004.

A Dramatic Turn of Events

It was December, three days before Christmas. Three days before I would joyously open up presents on the evening of the 24th, after a nice meal of pinnekjøtt. Yes, we do it in the evening in Scandinavia. Don’t get sidetracked, OK? I’m trying to build up the atmosphere here.

We were going to celebrate Christmas with my grandparents. They had already flown ahead of us to Gran Canaria. My father and I wondered if we were to travel to Oslo by plane or car. We decided to go with car for the atmosphere and nature. That was the beginning of the end.

The roads were icy, and we were often on the verge of disaster. I remember my father was very nervous, and he needed to smoke to calm himself down. Adding to that, he was also very tired. We stopped at a gas station where we filled the tank with juicy petrol, and then continued on our way.

I had this growing feeling that something would go wrong. It did.

The car was sliding over onto the opposite driving lane. I saw a bright light heading around the corner. A trailer. A twelve ton frightening trailer was heading straight towards us. We were going to front collide, and I was going to die. I remember myself thinking that. I felt etheric energy building up inside of me, and suddenly I found myself in the back seat. I tried to reach out to my fatherr, but there was no arm to reach with, nor voice to project my words. The trailer was engulfed in deep yellow light.

“I am going t –“ Then everything went white. It must only have been a few seconds, but the whiteness was so comforting and.. present. Like it had always been there. Then I was suddenly jerked back into my body right before the collision. The trailer was still shining a deep yellow light.  At the point of impact, I couldn’t see a thing. It was all a hazy gray and,  then I was thrown into to the real world again. Back to the stark reality that awaited me. Debris, blood, and eventually, tears.

A Silver Lining

I was in an ambulance. I won’t go into what happened between the collision and where I was now finding myself. I was lying on the hard ambulance bed. A worker was measuring my blood pressure. I was quiet and I assume that I was also in shock. My father had been taken away by helicopter and I was being taken to Lillehammer and its hospital.
I stared silently at the silhouettes of trees and the still lake shrouded in darkness. I think I fell asleep. It was probably for the best. Delta waves are beneficial for healing after all.

I was in the whiteness yet again. This time, I wasn’t alone. A very comforting feeling was present. It felt like I was being taken care of. This is not something I can explain very well, but I somehow didn’t feel like Sol anymore. I was observing something else. I saw so many things. Planets, stars, galaxies. Infinity.
I felt like I was reaching out to everything I saw. There was something to be fixed, something to be stabilized. There was a billion thoughts going through my mind. I didn’t catch them all.

Are you alright? A voice asked. The voice was fully audible. I was surprised. “Where am I?” I asked, perplexed.

Questions. Where do you think we are, silly?


Correct, and isn’t it such a wonderFUL feeling?

I didn’t know what to do. I think I was having one of those out of body experiences. I think I knew who I was talking to. “Who are you?” I asked. I am me, the voice responded, sounding amused. Oh, so it was her.
I don’t remember anything other than that, but I knew I had just had my wake up call.

I’d never been so close to a personification before. How did I know it was a personification? It’s nothing I can explain logically. It’s an unmistakable feeling that you’re part of something. It’s a feeling where you simply KNOW you’re the Universe, and the darkness inbetween the stars and galaxies. The cosmic energy I was part of during those moments, was both varied and static, offering a lot of different vibrations. Not goody – goody at all, but still serving our highest purpose. That’s why I decided to call it Everything, to reflect its function. I think our energies melded in that moment, and maybe I witnessed something greater than I otherwise would.
I don’t know why, yet I don’t really care. It was truly one of the worst and best experiences of my life. And you know what? Those make life worth living.

Infinity. What does it mean to you?
It can signify the point at which you leave reality behind. Or it may just be a mathematical expression to describe the size of our universe. It can symbolize that true love never dies.
In other words, infinity offers you the chance that you’ll find at last what you’ve always been dreaming of.”

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Using Your Emotions When Writing

This post is available in spoken audio here. Click if you prefer to listen instead of reading.
I’d recommend reading the post while listening, since I made a few hiccups when recording. Nothing too dramatic, but hey, I’ve warned you. Oh, and sorry about the mic. It was recorded with Windows Recorder, so the quality suffers a little.

What do you feel when writing?

Are you all business, or do you invest emotional charge into your words?

Writing is a very versatile topic, as are emotions. I thought it smart to combine the two. You see, inspiration lies in emotion. As we know, emotions can be used for visualizing, cooking, acting, even writing! It’s not only there for painters after all!

When writing for a blog, it’s very easy to remain cold and distant. Especially if you’re writing a blog for business. Trust me, I know this. You are passionate about the topic? Check. You think its content is noteworthy? Check. Is it fun to write? No, not really.
Boredom settles in with every writer, young and old. Every writer on the planet can attest to that. With boredom comes procrastination, and procrastination is the road to failure. Or some might say. It’s certainly been that way for me. I could have been so much farther if it hadn’t been for my self – worth issues and procrastination habits. But enough about me.

It’s not the writing process in itself that’s boring, it’s just having to do it. Already from the get – go, you’re blocked mentally. So how to cure boredom and the ‘business – mindset’ when writing? That’s what I want to discuss, even though I don’t know the answer. Shall we?

No tears from you, no tears from the reader

Thinking logically, categorizing, organizing tasks and keeping a schedule is handy in our daily life. Not so much when writing, though. This is where you have to let your emotions and intuition lead.
As I mentioned, it’s easy to become bored and uninspired when you start writing. The key here is to not think too much about it. Don’t worry about being grammatically incorrect, curbing your opinions or being reader – friendly. Leave that for editing.
What matters at this point is you being you. Readers aren’t primarily drawn to your topic, but your writing style. If you’re a blogger, you should pay extra attention to this. You can write about a myriad of helpful topics, but if they lack passion and personal touch, it’s very unlikely that people will actually read it. Humans aren’t stupid, but they are emotional beings (just in case you thought the two were related). They like that the text makes them feel something, whatever that is. Even a negative reaction should be viewed as a success.

This is also very important in fiction. In some cases, it’s even more important. You’re telling a story. That story is often told through characters whom you strive to make as real as possible. Certainly achievable by the human mind, but again, don’t focus too much on the do’s and dont’s the first time around. There’s a reason it’s called a draft.

Fun when writing? Impossibibl!!

There is no step – by – step formula to writing. Oh, I know there are people who’d have you believe that… but it ain’t true.

You don’t have to feel.
You don’t have to do X to achieve Y.
You don’t have to do anything.

Actually, the main things that writing require is persistence and hard work. So why am I blabbering about feelings? Simply to make it easier.

See, there is this little spark within you that ignites when you find something you really want to write about. Something that draws you away from the monotone bore. That’s when you get really inspired and can’t wait to open that word processor and write. Unfortunately, few of us act on this impulse. No, we have our lists and our schedules to keep. Fair enough, but when you finally sit down, you’ll find that the spark is not a spark anymore. It’s just an idea. You may still be able to reclaim the emotion associated with it, but it’s not just the same.

How many have forgotten to have fun when writing? I certainly have, being a writer by profession (and apparently as a life path). Trying to remember the spark of creativity that ignited in you often leads to frustration, and trying to be ”logical and task – oriented” often leads to you feeling… can you guess it? Bored.

Seeing the forest for more than trees

You might say: ‘Sol, I don’t feel bored or anything else when writing. I have goals that I complete and I get satisfaction from completing them, blablablabla’.


I get that. But isn’t it about living in the moment, rather than always focusing on the future, with the action you’re doing now? Simpler said: Isn’t it about the journey, rather than the destination? Joy is derived from the present.

Tell me, isn’t there joy to feel from every word you write? It’s an art of creation and with every word, you create something new. Every word is a vehicle for expression and creation. Can you not see the joy in these words? Maybe you can’t, since I wrote them and all, but you get the idea.
Find the Creator in you, because We also exist in the words we write.
That’s the way to curing boredom. That’s the way to turn off the endless left – brain chatter. That’s the way Home. If you can feel the little inkling of creation within your own written words, you’re on your way to curing the boredom syndrome.
Good luck.


This was the last post in a week that has been about emotion. I hope you found some value in these words and I wish you a nice weekend. See you on Monday!

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Diagnosis: Love

We live in every moment, but this one
Why don’t we recognize the faces loving us so?

– Nightwish, Last Ride of the Day

Since the topic of the week is emotion, I felt the need to write about love.

Love – in all its forms. Just because you are no longer together with someone, does not mean you will stop loving them. Such love, however weakly felt, is infinite.

Truth be told, I don’t think love is such a complex topic as we make it out to be. However, let’s take a look at it. How can one define love? In every sense, that’s something very personal.

Love is a condition

You don’t always feel love, but that doesn’t mean it’s not there. True, the love you feel for friends, for pets and for your family might differ from each other. However, it’s at is core the same underlying state, but expressed differently.

Society (and to some extent Hollywood) has taught us that ‘love’ is something we associate primarily with romantic love. That is the love you share between two (mostly) unrelated people, and that is often associated with moments of intimacy on the sexual levels. More platonic relationships, those without the sex, are considered friendships and family relations. Now, of course you love your family and all that jazz.

Yet do you always feel ‘love’ towards your partner, your family, your friends? Sometimes you feel anger towards them. Or pain or worry. A multitude of emotions run through your body each and every day. In the end, you still love them.

That’s because love is not just an amazing emotion you feel when something is right, but a condition that’s natural for all of us. True, some of us have it hidden very deep inside. Some believe they are incapable of love because they can’t feel it, but that’s not the truth. There’s a lot of factors, both related to identity and the environment of the individual involved regarding this issue, so I won’t go deep into it.

What about loving yourself?

I once said to a former friend of mine that she should love herself.

“I can’t love myself,” she responded. “It’ll just feel wrong”.

This puts an emphasis on how skewed our views have become. So many associate love with hugging, kissing, admiring and adoration, that the word ‘love’ has become lost in translation. Many find the thought of loving themselves repulsive. Isn’t it more socially correct to have someone else fulfill that need? We are constantly pushed into roles and social norms to follow.

The love you have for yourself is not like the love you possess for another individual. This is very subjective, but for me, loving myself feels like having a respect for myself and my own authenticity. I value myself and yes, that foundation is sometimes shaky, but there’s comfort in the fact that there is always a part of me that loves me.

I tried to explain the concept to my friend, but she was sceptical and said: “That’s not love. That’s respecting yourself, but it’s not love”. Thinking back, it ‘s profound to think about the differences we had when it came to beliefs.

Is love a belief?

I don’t think so. I believe that we all have our own identity, emotions, goals and values. If we’re going to attribute ‘love’ as a belief, I am going to start wondering if we humans are not just a lot of calculations and scripts on a spreadsheet.

Thoughts and opinions? Variety is the spice of life!

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Beneath the Surface of Your Emotions

Coming back from a one month long blogging break, ready to roll!

Our lives are filled with the concept of ‘emotion’.

From emotion, beautiful music is born.
From emotion, inspired art is created.
From emotion, words like these come to fruition.

It is a natural aspect of the human soul to feel. You cannot simply not feel. That’s an impossible feat unto itself, as no emotion is always some emotion.Our minds often consider emotions in varying degrees of ‘intensity’.

One might say that from intense suffering, true souls are born. I don’t know about that, but I do know that suffering makes us appreciate the contrast that our existence on earth is. We are not blind, even if we turn our eyes from what is going on in the world. The knowledge is still there. You can’t seriously say you’ve lived a life without something bad happening to you, can you?

If you haven’t experienced sadness, how could you truly appreciate joy? If you’ve never been poor and had the experience of only having about 2000 kr (that’s about $336) to live on each month, would you then be able to appreciate being financially secure? Matter – of – factly, you would… but on a very different level.

On Fulfillment

We are taught that we live empty lives if we don’t have certain things to fulfill us. These can include money, relationships, clothing, elephants etc.. I’ve certainly been victim of this. In my case, it’s always been important for me to feel valuable and approved by my friends – even the ones that are not local.

This need kicked in when I saw that none of my blogging friends had nominated me for Steve Atchison’s annual top 50 PD blogs. Now, before you hit me with a stick, I will say that it was completely irrational of me to suddenly feel the way I did, but let’s screw rationality for some minutes.
You see, it wasn’t the nomination in itself that mattered to me: It was the perceived lack of support and the belief that I was ‘forgettable’, and even that my articles weren’t valuable! Talk about taking things personally, right? Even so, it made me feel empty. My emotional need to feel valuable wasn’t fulfilled,  even though I really did not have any desire to be part of it given that Some Insight Required is new and still in its beginning phase.

Then, Sel posed a very interesting question to me after I had sent a whiny mail about my feelings to a friend: “What is it that makes you unworthy?
It got me thinking, which is what I do most of the day, so no surprise there. I reasoned that it was probably a need that originated from my childhood. Alright, so the emotional impact lingered with me… but WHY?
Sel answered that too: “It’s not about what happens to you, but how you perceive what happens.
I think she and Morty Lefkoe could get along. A lightbulb appeared in my mind.

Now, I won’t propose that we should shed our emotional fears but this side of us can be crippling. I am proof. Still, fear can be our strength. If you hadn’t lived under the perceived notion that you needed ‘X’ to fulfill you and feared you didn’t have it, would it have given you the strength to break out of the box? It’s about making positives in negatives, folks. I am writing this post in hopes of helping you, for example.

Freedom and Empowerment

Emotions help us experience contrast. Our thoughts feed our emotions, for better and for worse. Emotions are by default awesome.

We do not live in a black and white world,  but in a world of colours. Obviously. A world where you can question morality, blog about pink unicorns, commit unspeakable acts, and donate money to charity.

We truly do possess more freedom than we are aware of.

You see, it isn’t about what you can achieve on the outside through working on the inside: It’s about the balance. The equilibrium that naturally rises when you are at peace with all your flaws and your own emotions. Stop overnalayzing, stop overworking yourself. You are perfect as you are, aren’t you?
Yet you keep asking ‘Why do I feel this way?’ and then you try to find a rational answer as if doubting yourself. Been there, done that. We all have. Life’s biggest battles are often fought alone.

Emotions give us the incentive to empower ourselves. It’s about the spark that’s created, and overcoming whatever may try extinguish it. Life doesn’t come with a blueprint, and everyone has their opinions on what is worth living for and with. It’s about ”growing up and facin’ the real world, and it ain’t nice.”
But what would they really know? We are bound to rebel at some point, in some way. Through constantly being put through situations where we experience the opposite of what we desire, we will eventually learn to grasp the true nature of our goal, and it isn’t more moneh for your wallet. Or so I’d like to say, but truth be told… I can’t speak for you, but I know you’re a human with your own emotions.

So with that lame line, I will propose this: Let’s embrace our days for what they are worth, the good and the bad, the clear and the haze. Sometimes life needs patience to reveal its true intent to us.

Questions and Answers:

How do you deal with overwhelming emotions?

A: If I didn’t know any better, I’d say ‘change your thoughts’, but I know better. I could also say ‘go see a psychologist’, but I’ m gonna be controversial and say: Try to live with it. There might be a reason for it. If there are situations that keep occurring that’s causing you to feel this on regular intervals, try to distance yourself from the situation some minutes a day. Walking or listening to music is therapeutic for me. Escapism has an inherent value.

Do emotions cause dreams?

A: They may, because dreams are inherently emotional. Or they may not. Dreams are hard to figure out.  From a physical perspective, we do not know where dreams are created in the brain either. From a metaphysical perspective, they serve as a kind of inner exploration vehicle and since emotions are part of our beings… well, emotions certainly cause things to happen in dreams!

Why do you keep mentioning Sel in your posts?

A: Sel herself wants to answer that:

“That’s how I roll. U mad?”

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How to Actually Bond With Your Spirit Guides

This article will discuss exactly what its title says.

Some of you may find it odd that you would ever have a need to bond with a spiritual being for emotional comfort. Indeed, many of you have established families, kids, close friends and a perfectly satisfactory romantic relationship. If you’re one of these cases, I believe it’s important to see the other side of the coin. There are humans that have never had the opportunity to experience any of the aforementioned things on a close and personal level because of various reasons.

I know that in many cases it isn’t a case of ‘just go out and chat with someone’. If it was that easy, the problem would have been eliminated. Many are selective, however. Just going out and ‘talking’ without any real connection, any real exchange of energy, might not work. Some of you may like talking to females more. Some of you males. You might even associate with one gender so much that you disregard others. In the same way, if you’re practicing psychic abilities, you might disregard your spiritual team so much in favour for your physical friends and vice versa. I am reminded by Sel to write that I do believe it’s important to be grounded and firm in the dimension and plane you’re currently living in, but I also think there should be a possibility to nurture both sides. This isn’t about being escapist, people. This is about getting out of the box (it’s a little cold right now, so you might want to bring a jacket).

I know you might come with arguements such as “spirit guides don’t need friends lol”. They don’t? They appreciate your friendship, you know. They are essentially ‘people’ just like you. Don’t let the term ‘spirit’ fool you. ‘A spirit’ is what we are anyways. So would this be the case that a human without a physical body could not be called a ‘person’? That’s an interesting thought, but not one that we’ll be going into at this time.

A little off – topic (but still somewhat related, I promise!)

Now, back to the lonely souls. Some of us might have a dire need to be in contact with at least something. I know I was the case and before you ask why it might be the case I will just say that I had my reasons. I might expand upon these reasons another time. I’ve seen a lot in life and I’ve matured beyond my years in certain aspects and stayed behind in some. I do not think that makes me special in any way, as the same could be said for my neighbour. What’s important is how much weight we put on these things, and essentially how much we let the opinions of others carry it. It can be scary when someone tells me that ‘I’m still young’ since I am an old soul. Still, what was said held merit though it hurt my womanly pride at the time. I haven’t lived this life for 60 years yet and I suspect I might look at things differently in regards to physical life when that time comes.

Of course, age is perhaps a central factor here. The older you get, the more inevitable the fact that you’re going to leave the body you’re currently inhabiting becomes apparent. I know of a old woman in her seventies who actually learned to connect with her guides because she felt somewhat lonely and wanted to hear ‘what the other side was like’. In some time, she became a very respected local reader because people looked to her when they needed someone with physical life experience and who could provide them answers. For a young body such as myself, things might be different. I shall not elaborate too much on what motivates one to reach for contact with spirit entities. In my case, my mother died when I was 8 and I soon after began to open up. Since this happened at such a early stage in my life, you could say that it has coloured the way I perceive life. Many of the intuitive people I know, both offline and online, are in their mid thirties to mid forties, and a lot of these people didn’t open up before they passed the young adult stage (20 – 40).
Most of them started practicing and offering readings to others. I asked a woman if she didn’t want to know her guides on a more personal level and she said. “When I first started channeling, I was very curious as to who they were, but now I’m comfortable in just knowing that everything comes from one Source.”
As you see, varying reasons and motivations.

Cool story bros?


Getting back on Track

You have people without a body that care for you, and I am not talking about your grandmother Solveig or uncle Dagfinn. It’s not about Archangel Michael (ooh, he’s a popular one) or Jesus Healing – Hands (now he’s definitely a pop star).

You see, I am not just talking about your spirit guides or guardian angels either. I think people are too fixated on them. Time to broaden your spiritual social circle, people! Just wait, because there is more!
Admittedly, I understand that some of you may think that’s a waste of time but I’m not writing for those . Please, do entertain the idea and if it doesn’t fit well with you, discard it. It’s a free country, right? Alright, I’ve walked around the porridge too much.

This is primarily catered to those that wish to strengthen the bonds with their spiritual team or even their soul group, and for those who just need a few extra friends (and a little less privacy, hehe). Before we begin discussing this I’ll tell you a few facts:

1. Your spiritual team doesn’t only refer to your spirit guides and guardian angels.
2. There is no danger or harm in treating members of your spiritual team like equal, like – minded people. Just because they can see things from a better perspective does not mean they are perfect. They are whole.
3. You are very unlikely to develop any sort of dependence on them since you are a being capable of common sense. The funny thing is that sometimes common sense is bullshit.
4. They will have different personalities. Deal with it. Variety is the spice of life, y’know.

So now we’ve got that out of the way.

First I want to write a little about my experiences with different spirits. I recently had a guide I would define as an ‘ass – kicker’. She was blunt, not always friendly and had quite strong convictions.
Some of the things she could say were “What the fuck are you doing?” and “I‘m not your friend, but… [Insert X thing there]“. That was a very odd personality and way of speaking, right? At least I thought so.
I’m sure many of you are used to hearing guides speak like this “We [of course it’s always in plural] cannot elaborate on this matter further, but you will see that there are certainly other options you can take to achieve the goal of being a pig farmer in Minnesota”. Yes, both my team and I thought that was funny. Though when I re – read it, it’s not that much fun.
Now back to my guide. She originally approached me in a dream, wearing a cowboy hat and beautiful black wavy – curly hair donning her head. The hair was kind of silky. I asked her if she was my friend and she immediately said that she didn’t think she was ‘ready for that yet’. Yet we eventually developed a bond. She didn’t stop being blunt and using somewhat offensive language, though. It added a nice touch.

This is an example of the varied personalities spirits can possess if you allow and prefer them to.
I know some that prefer spirits to speak like old sages and act all high and mighty (because that’s what they associate them with), and naturally this is what they do. I am aware that some of you just like to consider that the guidance comes from the Source, but this is not about receiving guidance from your Source. This is about establishing real connections with your team as beings, rather than treating them as Google.
Very few spirits will be like the one I mentioned here. I must confess to liking individuality and uniqueness so that might be why I attracted a guide like that to help me through what I was going through at that time. Your experience may differ from mine. It almost certainly will and that’s wonderful.

What to Expect

Even if you have a nice social circle here on Earth, there are still benefits to establishing these connections with your team. Of course, it will be different from team to team, and your needs will probably cater to the depths of your desired contact with them. I know that many of you are afraid that it might end up as an obsession, but I assure that neither you nor the team would let it come that far, unless it was beneficial for you.

So, you sit down. This time you’re not going to meet your team on behalf of a client or to look for guidance in your current life. This time (and you’re feeling some anticipation) you’re going to actually talk to them! You haven’t felt this way since you first learned to open up. You know it’s all going to be different this time, however.

Alternatively, this may be the first time you’ve attempted this. Maybe you are just curious and would like to see what happens. Or maybe you’re lonely, but a little afraid of what they’d think of you. No need to worry, though. While some may feel a little strange, they know you and they would not intentionally push your buttons or reject you. If they did, they wouldn’t be your guides.

This is a different process for each and every one of us. That’s so obvious that I don’t even know why I mentioned it in the first place. You should expect to have fun and feel comfortable, however.
If this doesn’t feel good to you and you’d rather just have a professional working relationship with your own guides, then that is fine as well. Variety is still the spice of life (if it hasn’t changed in the last minutes).

Some Questions and Answers

These are some questions I’ve been asked, and since it relates to this topic, I guess I should add them!

Q: Doesn’t a spirit with a very defined personality mean it’s lower vibrational/ghost/not fit to be a spirit guide etc?

A: Absolutely not! Who told you that? Let’s take Sel for example! She’s a personification and moon goddess, and she certainly has her own personality! There’s nothing ordinary about her. It’s the same with your guides and guardians as well! One might be gruff, another might be kind and so on. To quote Sel on this matter: ”We’re all like the colours of the rainbow, and we remember that we all came from the same source, same light, but we are different expressions.”

Q: Can you outline a technique for me to get in contact with my guides/guardians/Santa Claus this way?

A: I can. I originally developed a channeling guide months ago, but I accidentally deleted it. I’ll write it yet again!

Q: What about high – dimensional beings, like Ascended Masters, Gods/Goddesses? Can I contact them?

A: You can. You can contact Everything for all I know, the only difference is that Everything will stay for like 2 mins and the AM’s and G’s are all in the ‘people’ category of Spirit. This means that they work with people, albeit on a grand scale, a lot. This makes them perfect to contact. It’s also quite easy to establish a bond with them, if you’re willing.

Q: What happens when a spirit guide leaves? I don’t mean a guide that’s been with you for about 2 weeks, but one that’s been with you for years. We were really great friends. Can I still connect with the guide?

A: I’ve had this happen to me. Yes, you can connect with the guide. The sad thing is that most of the time, there’s a one in a million chance that this guide will return to your team UNLESS the guide had a specific role that is still needed and you dismissed the guide unconsciously. Of course you can still chit – chat. Guides leave silently. You don’t always feel it. Sometimes the mind conjures up a ‘clone’ of the guide when it is gone, so the subconscious and superconscious can work on finding a new guide and help you to adapt and deal with it.

Q: Why don’t I remember my past lives?

A: … How did this question get in here? Well, you don’t remember your past lives right off the bat because they’re not meant to interfere with your present life.

Q: Is there a policy on naming guides? Do they have names? Someone told me that guides don’t like to tell their names.

A: Elemental guides are very wary about telling their true names, and some human guides as well. Yes, you could say that every guide has a name and every guide will accept a nickname you give them. Sel’s name isn’t really Sel, for example. She even says ‘.. and I am called Sel!’ to others (when in relation to me). Names hold power, especially for elementals. Then again, elemental guides are not that common. Human guides are very versatile however. They can present you with a name they carried from one of their lifetimes. A guide presented himself to me with the name Isoram, as an example. That might have been from his time as an Egyptian!

Q: Why am I having problems channeling my guides?

A: Most of the time, it’s because you aren’t trusting yourself. I can give you some guidelines, though:

1. Never underestimate your first thought.
2. The answer will feel ‘right’ to you. That doesn’t mean it’ll feel ‘good’ or ‘bad’, but it’ll feel right and be somewhat more lucid.
3. If the answers include anything that makes you feel judged or bad, then it’s most likely your own mind. Guides have no interest in ruining their relationship with you by making you feel bad.

That was all for this time.

NOTE: A good friend of mine would kindly like to donate her reading to someone else! It is completely free, so send me an email through the contact form at the top if you’re interested.
Here’s what I can do:

1. I can offer intuitive question readings, ranging from one to three questions.
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Anti – American Sentiments pt. 2


So while my GSD (german shepherd dog (yes, they are GERMAN)) is barking outside on everything moving in the dark, I’ve decided to re- write this post. Last time I wrote it, I was in a particularly bad mood. You might say my feathers were ruffled and I took it out on those poor Americans that thought that their country was the best and biggest in the world.

I am now finding myself in a much better mood. Alas, this post will not be as much of a rant than the previous one was. However, here’s a little info for you – that – are – not – Scandinavian. Commonly known facts in Scandinavia about Americans include:

– Their cultural food is unhealthy, but apparently extremely addictive.
– Americans live under a ”de facto supremacy” rule, where the media feeds them lies about how they are so lucky ‘to live in this great nation of ours’.
– They sue people for every little thing (like an ex not returning money), and a lot of them gets a TV – show for it. Or a book.
– Every UFO lands in America. This is common knowledge.
– The average American seems to know nothing about other countries. Apparently, Europe is a country that consists of three cities: The United Kingdom, Germany and France.
– America often thinks that person X and product X is the ‘best’ and ‘most famous’ entity in the whole world. The ‘world’ is in this case America.
– Many Americans refer to themselves as proud Americans, but seems to disregard the fact that they all descend from Europeans. Some might know this, as shown on St. Patrick’s day where everyone imitates green leprachauns. No one knows why this is, but it is taught in school that it’s because a town called Ireland didn’t have enough food to go around.
– Americans do not know that black metal originated in Norway. Some know not of its existence either, unless they watch Alt For Norge, where Americans are introduced to their Norwegian Narcisstic and Jantelaw – like heritage.
– Apparently, singers of America likes to scream at every note.
– Many Americans assume that only Americans read the internet, as evidenced by writing ‘here in America’, ‘our country’, ‘[insert X political question here].
– They never use currency converters, as they expect everyone to know how much a dollar is worth.
– America uses a strange and complicated system to decide how much water fills a bowl or how tall your brother is. They are blissfully unaware of the metric and imperial system which is much simpler.
– Apparently a lot of fat people live there. So many in fact, that there’s a TV Show called ‘The Biggest Loser”.
– America has never won any war they’ve ever been in, and as such, they are desperately trying to win war in three locales.
– America is really called ‘The United States of America’, but ‘America’ is so easier to say for them as it omits out the two other countries, ‘Canada’ and ‘Mexico’.
– Americans in general speak English ( though Americans like to call it ‘American’) in the back of their throat. Especially the R.

That was it. I probably omitted some information from the last post, but I can’t remember what.  Enjoy. Now to go check on my GERMAN SHEPHERD DOG.

If you are American and offended by this post, then alright.